Accra, Ghana – 11 Times Wiyaala Got World News Media Talking About Her And The Music She Makes | Wiyaala has always and will always be one of Ghana’s biggest exports in terms of music. She has actually sold-out the country Ghana to many people from all walks of life and I boldly say she has become a household name and a role model in most foreign countries.

She still keeps her head up in the sky and her voice roar in the crowd even though the Ghanaian media didn’t favor her most of the time. Leaving no stone unturned, Wiyaala has used her music to achieve a lot including empowering women and children.

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Wiyaala has won the admiration of both the young and the old as her music is just not for a single group age. She has also caught the attention of world news media companies such as CNN, BBC, Irish Times, The Guardian UK and many other news agencies. All these giant media houses have described her in different ways that depict she’s caught their attention.

If you patiently read the excerpts from each of the eleven articles below, you would realize Wiyaala deserves more of your attention than you are giving her right now.

Ironically, Wiyaal’s music is well known and receives maximum support from around the globe than her homeland – Ghana. It definitely looks like her talent and works are too massive for them to contain since they have their own entertainment ecosystem.

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There are many media reports from around the globe which shows how big, relevant and far the Wiyaala brand has gotten to. Below are some of the most intriguing headlines we have captured from top media companies from around the globe, all talking about the “Lioness of Africa” – Wiyaala.

11 Times Wiyaala Got World News Media Talking About Her.

1 – The BBC News Africa wrote about her with a caption “They just want you to be Beyonce or a Rihanna – that light skin and the big hair.” 

2 – CNN Africa also highlighted her indigenous style and language, stating,  “She’s the only woman in the world singing in Sissala – and she will mesmerize you”

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3 – And this is what BBC News has to say about the lioness “Wiyaala is a feisty young woman from northern Ghana, bursting with attitude and drive”.

4 – Editors from Nigel Wood – Irish Times describes Wiyaala in a headline “Feisty is not the word – she is a powerhouse in the mode of a young Angelique Kidjo, effervescent and funny, she rocked the crowd (Womad UK) and got a great reception. One to watch.”

5 – BBC Radio London also wrote about her telling the world about how her career started. They captioned it “Wiyaala, The Ghanaian signer Wiyaala tells Jumoké how her career took off.”


6 – The Culture Trip – Meet Wiyaala, Pioneer of Ghana’s New Afro Pop.

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7 – BBC The Cultural Frontline  Ghanaian singer Wiyaala has gone from TV talent show contestant to multi-award winning Afro-pop star. She’s using her voice to raise awareness of child marriage and women’s rights.

8 – The Guardian UK   Africa Centre summer festival review – Wiyaala “Afropop blast”

9 – Afropop Worldwide  Album review: Wiyaala’s own background reflects that global-while-specific balance

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10 – BBC Radio 4 In Tune Katherine Broderick, Christopher Stark, Wiyaala, Berlin Philharmonic Horn Quartet.

11 – BBC Focus On Africa– Ghanaian singer Wiyaala at Womad.

In all her endeavors the picture is always bigger and brighter and she careless about what people say about her tom-boy outlook since it’s something is since childhood.

Aside from music, Wiyaala is an advocate against child marriage, also using her influence to support women and promoting girlchild education in her rural communities. She also features on songs of some local artistes for free to encourage them to keep working hard.

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Wiyaala is one celebrity who is down to earth and related to everyone irrespective of their level on the social ladder. She is from a humble home and has not let fame and money to influence her lifestyle a single bit.


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