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2021 BBNaija: Comedian Nedu Shares His Thought On Tega’s Sex With Boma

Tega and Boma’s sexual has assumed centre stage all over the internet and the grapevine where BBNaija is heavily dominated.

In that regard actress and media personality Toke Makinwa linked up with comedian Nedu and Kika Ofulue to share their opinions about this year’s Big Brother Nigeria and the tongue-wagging encounter between the aforementioned housemates.

Nedu came up with some witty comments laced with his trademark comic effect. He and Toke are captured in the dialogue below;

Toke – What was going on under those covers with Tega and Boma? What was happening there? Was that aggressive kissing? Was that cuddling? Was that praying?

Nedu – Toke, don’t let thunder fire you. You know what is going on there! You know. Toke, Toke, Toke, how many times did I call you? Now check it, they asked Boma – Boma has been applying pressure, he’s been putting hand small small.

Toke – But I thought they were friends, they act like this brother and sister –

Nedu – Tah! Get out of there. Friend ke.

Kika – Well, I saw something. Their relationship wasn’t normal to be honest so I’m not really shocked but I’m shocked because she’s married.

Toke – Okay let’s start from where they asked ‘who would you like to sleep with?’ and he said Tega if she was single, and Jaypaul said —

Nedu – ‘My nigga don’t do that oh. She’s a married woman,’ as a normal man would do. But let me tell you something Toke. As a man, both of you are women, as a man this brain went to school. Now this brain can say okay, this is right, this is wrong, I’m to do this, I shouldn’t do this. But the (penis) doesn’t have a brain. Are you with me? It doesn’t care.

Toke – So what do you think happened?

Nedu – What did I think happened? Ehn, fellowship happened there. Toke, a para ku (they had sex). When they finished – have you never chopped turkey before? You’ve not done tamtam before? When you do tamtamtam, if you don’t want to come inside the website, then you pour around it. When he now iyaaan, that is when he now come down, he now used tissue and clean. She too she now slept well.

Kika and TM together – With somebody else’s wife!

Nedu – My problem is with the husband.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | 2021 BBNaija: Comedian Nedu Shares His Thought On Tega’s Sex With Boma