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Actress Moyo Lawal Says She Was Involved In Two Unnecessary Accidents

Famous Nigerian actress Moyo Lawal has taken to her Instagram page to share with her fans what happened to her over the week.

She expressed how sad she was after the week’s happenings while calling on her fans and colleagues to pet her. Moyo Lawal noted that she had two accident which she described as “unnecessary” over the week.

Explaining what had happened, she wondered if her driver was tired or was thinking so they had to park alongside the road. Sadly, another car bashed them from behind which made her sustain some bruises on her thigh and her toe.

She added that she has cleared her entire schedule for next two weeks even though she ought to be in South Africa to film some movies.

She wrote;

Ayam sad, come and pet me ooooh😭 or just give me another movie role in a different country 😊…..

I have had a series of unfortunate events 😭this week…

First I had two very unnecessary accidents 🙄…
The first … don’t know what my driver was thinking 🙄maybe he was exhausted sha , it was really late …
The second … we were packed(no one was in the car, we were filming) …. then this drunk(I assume) person bashes us really badly 🙄🙄

Then , I wake up with the ugliest bruise on my thigh ( have no idea how it got there , it’s almost gone now sha… Thank God😊I fasted sha and used plenty #fierceglowsnowwhiteoil 🙈)
Then bruising my toe, eeem can’t remember the other little things again 😔….

However the one that broke the camels back 😩….
I should have been on my way to film an amazing movie in SOUTH AFRICA that I cleared my entire schedule 😭😭for the next two weeks for (to think , I sacrificed two juicy films for this movie 😭😭) …. ….but flights were cancelled out of Nigeria with no warning…

The annoying thing is that my passport is left with just a few months ( if you have less that 6months on your passport by the way, just go and renew it now)…….. …. so the producer (who , I can’t even start to imagine what he is going through by now , because the entire production had to be put on hold because of the lockdown situation in South Africa … so sorry sir🙏) …….. …….. ……. had to go an extra mile , to ensure I got my visa…. ….

Anyways sha , I am using the opportunity to catch up with outstanding housework and my legs are aching from standing all day 😞….

P.s I am awaiting the when* it rains it pours*( good times edition😂) because for me the second half of the year didn’t kick off well at all 🙄…

Wait !! Don’t go na 😊

feel free to ask for my account details 😩😜 to pet me and
You already know , you should go patronize @moyolawalplus to make me happy…

Thank you for reading my rant ❤️

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Actress Moyo Lawal Says She Was Involved In Two Unnecessary Accidents