Veteran Ghanaian actress and mentor to a lot of young people, Grace Omaboe, popularly known as Maame Dokono has showered praises on Dancehall star Shatta Wale for his international collaboration with American Pop star Beyonce. The host of storytelling series “By The Fire Side” expressed her administration for Shatta Wale who was one of her students for being studious and taking

Editorial stylist of the Already video Nana Kwesi Wiafe has debunked rumours that Beyoncé’s horn in the video depicts something demonic. He says the cow horn means power; it connects to Disney’s Lion King movie, which talked about power in the animal kingdom. In an interview on Sunrise on 3FM, Nana Kwesi Wiafe noted that the Already video was inspired by Africa. “Most of the inspiration started from Africa and it could be seen from the video – the animal skin, the cow horn, child birth which connects to the story Disney told ‘The Lion King’.” He expressed revel for being part of the making of this historic video. “It feels amazing, overwhelming and a dream. I feel like I’m part of a movie.” He further explained how he was able to be silent on disclosing the making of the video. “You just have to be professional because there were…

German carmaker Audi has apologised for an ‘insensitive’ advert showing a little girl leaning on the front of a high-performance car while she eats a banana. The advert, promoting the Audi RS 4 Avant, was posted on the company’s official Twitter account and attracted criticism from some social media users who described it as “sexually suggestive”, “strange” and “creepy”. Critics also suggested the advert glorifies “dangerous driving” and shows a child at risk of being run over. Audi said the advert was a “mistake”, tweeting that such mistake would not be made in future.Their Twitter Statement Read; “We hear you and let’s get this straight: We care for children. The Audi RS 4 is a family car with more than thirty driver assistance systems including an emergency break system. That’s why we showcased it with various family members for the campaign.We hoped we could convey these messages, showing that even…

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AMG Business, Criss Kwaku Waddle has showered praises on record label mate and mentee in music, Medikal. The R2bees mentored rapper, took to his twitter handle to celebrate the reigning best rapper in Ghana. He noted that, in his lifetime, he has never seen a very appreciative and grateful person like Medikal. He added that, even his family and friends he grew up with have not shown him a tip of the kind of loyalty he’s getting from Medikal. Medikal in most of his interviews has acknowledged Criss Waddle as being the source of his breakthrough financially and musically. He wrote: “Till today 29-JuLY-2020 at exactly 2:57pm I can confirm that I still haven’t met anyone that’s as grateful and appreciative as @AmgMedikal not even my family & friends I grew up with Source: Nsemwoha

UK-based Ghanaian afrobeats star Fuse ODG has committed what many Christians deem as blasphemy as he sets a painting of Jesus Christ ablaze. Jesus Christ is considered as the founder and a strong pillar of Christianity as well as the saviour of humanity. Thus, his name and images are held in high esteem across churches in the world. However, the ‘Dangerous Love’ hitmaker believes it’s wrong for Christians, especially Africans, to hang the images of Christ on their walls in churches and in their homes. According to Fuse ODG, the painting of white Jesus represents our oppressors and is the seed of dictators like Adolf Hitler, the apartheid in South Africa, the Rwandan genocide and skin bleaching. In a 14-minutes video he shared on his Instagram page, he noted that it’s time for Africans to unlearn the lies by its slave masters and be responsible when dealing with the truth.…

Ghanaian marriage and relationship expert, George Cyril Lutterodt who is well known for his awkward comments, has warned all married women not to allow their mother-in-laws cook for their husbands. Even though he was recently lambasted for passing unfair comment about rape victims,the fearless clergyman in an interview with TV Africa said to all wives that mother-in-laws shouldn’t come to their homes and discharge their rightful duties. He also advised mothers to let be their sons when get married. He added that husbands should also not expect their wives to behave the same way as their mothers since they all had different upbringings. Source: Brown GH

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