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Buhari Is Responsible For Separatist Agitations In Nigeria- Hakeem Baba-Ahmed

Northern Elders Forum spokesperson, Hakeem Baba-Ahmed has lambasted President Muhammadu Buhari for flaring up the current separatist agitations in Nigeria.  

According to Baba-Ahmed, Buhari is a bad leader in that he does not have the ability to control the separatist agitations because it has been there since the tenure of past presidents but his tenure has given momentum to the movement.

Baba-Ahmed said: “All these arguments we’re making about lack of inclusion, abusing our diversity, have their roots in the way in which this President runs his government. People don’t feel like they belong. And the same people who are saying they’re not part of Buhari’s government are now saying give us this presidency,”

“Buhari, in his view, has failed to address issues that give a chance to irredentists, secessionists, adventurers and killers who ride on this idea that this part of the country doesn’t belong to Nigeria and he has failed to reach out and find a way to integrate them into the mainstream political system; that’s his job.

“You cannot be indifferent to sentiments in the South East. You cannot be indifferent to what’s happening in the Southwest and still hope that you can run a safe and secure country.

“You ought to have detected this a long time ago and move to nip it in the bud and assure communities that’ll ordinarily feel that people like [Sunday] Igboho and [Nnamdi] Kanu have a case to make. They’ve no case to make.

“Every element and every community in Nigeria has been sidelined by incompetence, by indifference and by a president who doesn’t think that it’s his job to perform the political role of a leader. So that’s the mismanagement that people talk about. It’s sad and tragic that we’re where we’re today when we should be stronger politically. We’re not,” 

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Buhari Is Responsible For Separatist Agitations In Nigeria- Hakeem Baba-Ahmed