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Buhari Seeks Stringent Punishment For Lawyers Who Delay Justice

President Muhammadu Buhari has urged the judiciary to create and implement tough sanctions against lawyers who, in the pursuit of serving their clients, adopt various delay tactics, obstructing the country’s swift administration of justice.

President Buhari based his appeal on the need to improve the judicial sector’s efficiency and effectiveness in order to protect the country’s democracy and attract foreign investment.

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He mentioned this when opening the All Nigeria Judges’ Conference of the Superior Courts in 2021.

At the ceremony, Buhari, was represented by Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, and he registers his concern about the impact of administrative delays.

He said: “As my lords are aware, delay in the dispensation of justice, coupled with the increase of cases in our courts have remained subjects of great concern. As someone said, our problem is not access to justice, it is exiting the justice system.

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“And I know that delays are not necessarily the fault of judges, lawyers are also responsible. Should we not then as have been suggested by some, evolve a cost award system that recognizes the court as a finite and expensive public resource and as such delays and other dielectric tactics are visited with deterrent cost”,

“if we are seen as inefficient and ineffective, we would loss out to more efficient systems”.

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