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“Come And Present It To My Office, Hmmm” – Gov. Sanwo-Olu Invites A ‘Talented’ Artist Who Drew Him

“Come And Present It To My Office, Hmmm” – Gov. Sanwo-Olu Invites A ‘Talented’ Artist Who Drew Him

After publishing his drawing of Sanwo-OLu, the comedian known as Bodataiye was invited by the Lagos Governor.

He captioned the photo he shared;

I drew his excellency governor of lagos State @jidesanwoolu ,I thank God for the successful work I think his excellency will love it .I still remain the best artist in UAR .

The Governor then acknowledged the sketch and discreetly ‘asked’ him to bring it into his office and deliver it to him.

Sanwo-Olu wrote ;

Really? So, it’s me you drew like this? I’m guessing you’ll like to present it to me, abi? Ok, come and present it to me in my office. Hmmmm…

In other news, Kwara State Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq has stated that Minister of Information and Culture Lai Mohammed has no political significance in his ward in the North Central state.

In an interview with ThisDay, the Governor, who has been having issues with Lai Mohammed, debunked the Minister’s claim of raising a significant portion of the cash for the state’s 2019 elections, which the APC won by a landslide.

Abdulrazaq alleged that Lai Mohammed has been keeping some of the funds hidden from him and residing in Abuja during the election without knowing what was going on in Kwara.

He said; 

“Everything that was donated, Lai Mohammed did not declare to the party, or to me. Some were direct donations to me.

“Some were sent to Kwara APC but there’s no governor, no minister. He was sitting there in Abuja, he did not know how we held the election.

“He did not know how we campaigned. He was in Abuja. Ask Minister Lai Mohammed, how many times he comes to Kwara? Our two ministers don’t come to Kwara. They are in Abuja. Both of them. Lai goes to Lagos. That’s his home.

“That’s where his son is a member of the Lagos state house of assembly. That’s where his family is. He has no house here. He doesn’t come here. As our minister, he doesn’t come home. Same with Gbemi Saraki. She doesn’t come. So it’s like we don’t have a minister.

“That’s why the pressure is on the governor. In other states, you have ministers relieving that pressure. Everything coming to the state, they stay in Abuja and hijack it. They are running from one ministry to the other to try and hijack things from Abuja. In terms of resources, they just took everything.”

Source; Ghgossip.com

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