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Dagbon Youth Threatens Venus Films With Lawsuit Over Female Genital Mutilation Movie

A group of youth named Dagbon Youth has threatened to seek legal actions against Venus Film Productions if it proceeds to premiere its new movie which talks about Female Genital Mutilation.

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The movie’s content, which is mainly on female genital mutilation (FGM), is alien to the Northern Region, according to the group, and so showcasing it will misinform the world and damage the region’s image.

A. F. Yakubu, a legal practitioner and solicitor for the Dagbon Forum, called the film’s theme “fake” and challenged the company to produce a Dagbon victim of FGM to back up their claim or the premiere of the film would be halted.

In a letter released by the legal team of the group, the group states that the movie dents the image of the region and Dagbon if allowed to be premiered to the world.

“Our clients say the said movie, which is in the nature of a documentary, falsely and maliciously presents female genital mutilation as being practiced under Dagbon custom with gruesome images and depictions of cruelty and deaths resulting from such practices”.

“Please be informed that with all categorical forces that FGM is not part of Dagbon customs and Dagombas do not practice FGM in any shape or form; as such, the said movie is fake and emanates from fake media and constitutes a malicious and defamatory depiction of Dagbon, its people and culture“, the letter added.

Mr. Yakubu further warned that any agency that aids in the premiering of what they describe as ‘defamatory’ content will liable for defaming Dagbombas as a whole, hence it is advisable for companies to disassociate themselves from the movie until evidence is provided.

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Dagbon Youth Threatens Venus Films With Lawsuit Over Female Genital Mutilation Movie