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“E-levy Taxation Doesn’t Make Sense To Me”-Kumawood Actor, Sly Fumes [Video]

Celebrated Ghanaian actor, Sylvester Agyapong, popularly known by many as Sly has added his voice to the ongoing brouhaha about the government’s e-levy taxation, saying it doesn’t make sense to him.

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According to him, the Akufo Addo-led government has provided fewer jobs ever since they assumed office, yet they want to collect taxes from the same people they have failed to provide jobs for.

Speaking in an interview on the Uncut show with the lifestyle and celebrity blogger, Zionfelix, Sly stated that most Ghanaians have resorted to creating their own jobs, toiling every single day to make income to take care of their families, yet the government seeks to collect taxes from them.

He cited that aged women farming the villages to send money to their relatives are being taxed yet the government has not provided any job for them. He also cited that head porters, aka Kayayos cannot be taxed because they have not been provided jobs.

Sly further mentioned that the Akufo Addo-led government has squandered about GHc12.2 billion which cannot be traced according to the auditor general’s report yet the government still wants to tax Ghanaians.

He suggested for the government to trace those monies, use part for the purpose which they are taxing Ghanaians for, and use the rest for other developmental projects.

As a reminder, the E-levy is a new tax measure that will be applied only to the originator of a transaction on an electronic platform. Electronic platforms include the following; fintech platforms, online banking, and momo platforms. The value of the E-Levy is 1.75%. The government will apply a rate of 1.75% on all applicable transactions.

The levy will be applied to the value of every transaction above GHS 100 on a daily basis. That is, after every GHS 100, the e-levy will be applied.

Watch the interview below:

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | “E-levy Taxation Doesn’t Make Sense To Me”-Kumawood Actor, Sly Fumes [Video]