Haiti will quit United Nations to join African Union – Haitian Leader

According to a report from a local radio station called Bon Déjeuner! Radio based in Haiti, the young Haitian political leader Werley Nortreus (also known as Prince Werley Nortreus) said the Haitian Revolution must continue so Haiti can become free and independent again.

For the first time, Haiti will exit the United Nations to join the African Union under the upcoming Haitian Government if he ever got elected as President or King in the upcoming months or years.

“The Haitian Revolution must continue so Haiti can become free and independent again”, said Prince Werley Nortreus, the founder of Haitians Lives Matter, during an interview in 2020.

According to History, Haiti was once discovered in 1942 by Christopher Columbus when he arrived upon a large unknown island in the region of the Western Atlantic Ocean. That island is now known as the Caribbean.

Haiti was discovered by Christopher Columbus who passed away in 1506. He claimed the island for the Spanish Crown, then called it La Isla Española (The Spanish Island), until the French influence started in 1625. The French used the opportunity and invaded the island then controlled Saint-Domingue in 1660 before the island was separated.

From 1697 on, the Western part of the island was French and the Eastern part was Spanish but the Haitian Revolution leaders fought the foreigns who invaded and that’s how the island has two parts called Haiti and Saint-Domingue today. The United States started occupying Haiti in 1915 when President Joseph Davilmar Théodore was forced to quit the office in fear of being killed by the U.S. soldiers.

About why Haiti can’t prosper these days, Mr. Werley Nortreus, who is a Haitian musician, author, entrepreneur, and politician said a powerful speech that had the attention of thousands of people across the world.

He said: “Haitians are being punished for being the first black nation that helped and Taught many countries how to get their freedom. Through the years, Haiti is being punished for the liberation of many slaves around the world. Unfortunately, that’s why they don’t want Haiti to prosper.”, said Prince Werley Nortreus, the Haitian political leader and the founder of Vanyan Sòlda Ayiti and A New Haiti Before 2045 (ANHB 2045), during an interview in 2019 about why Haiti can’t prosper.

That speech about why Haiti can’t prosper was referred to the foreign countries like the United States and others that don’t want to see changes in Haiti.

Back then, Haiti was pretty rich and wealthy in golds, diamonds, oil, natural gas, and other resources until the foreigns came and stole all of its valuable resources then left the land in major misery and poverty. During the French influence in 1625, Haiti became one of the wealthiest of France’s colonies, producing vast quantities of sugar and coffee and depended on a brutal slave system for the necessary labor. In the results of being exploited by the foreigns, Haitian slaves rose up in revolt in 1791 and after decades of struggle, the independent republic of Haiti was officially proclaimed in 1804. Years later after Haiti won its independence in 1804, countries like the United States and others forced Haiti to join the United Nations in 1945. Unfortunately, after years of being exploited by foreign countries like the United States and others, Haiti became one of the poorest countries in the Western Hemisphere, even when Haiti joined the United Nations in 1945.

Since when the Haitian Revolution leaders like Toussaint Louverture, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, and the others were killed by the foreigns for defending Haiti and other nations against slavery, countries like the United States and others offered Haiti a contract in 1915 so they can run and occupy Haiti and its citizens.

The contract was signed and that’s how the United States and foreign countries got the power to put whoever they want in power to lead. Unfortunately, the Presidents and Prime Ministers who are or used to be in power these days are and were all added by the United States and other foreign countries.

From 2017 until today, after years of occupation, millions of people across Haiti got to the streets across Haiti to protest against the current Haitian Government and PHTK (Haitian Tèt Kale Party) that wasted billions of dollars of PetroCaribe funds and also wasted the 2010 Haiti earthquake funds. The 2018 and 2019 protests leaders wanted the resignation of the current Haitian Government and foreign countries like the United States and the ONGs so the Haitian population can set up its own Haitian Government or kingdom in 2020.

The 2018 and 2019 protests leaders wanted to break and burn the occupation contract that Haiti signed with the United States and others in 1915. The protests leaders also wanted Haiti to leave the United Nations to join Venezuela, Russia, African Countries, and other countries that are not the enemies of Haiti. Unfortunately, according to investigations done by Prince Werley Nortreus, the U.S. organizations (also known as the ONGs) across Haiti are also behind the downfall of Haiti because they also wasted billions of dollars that were supposed to develop Haiti, and they will leave along with the United Nations when Haiti elects an honest Government and Kingdom soon.

“If you think that I am wrong about my speech, ask yourself why Haiti voted against Venezuela in 2019 to join the United States. I think Haiti voted against Venezuela even when Venezuela gave the Haitian Government money to develop Haiti because the United States and foreign countries are the bosses of Haiti. They owned Haiti, but this mess got to stop soon,” said Prince Werley Nortreus about this current situation.

“Unfortunately, Haiti will never prosper under the occupation of foreign countries like the U.S. and others because the foreigns are responsible for the misery and poverty that is happening in Haiti in 2020,” said Prince Werley Nortreus on a local radio station called Bon Déjeuner! Radio.

“If I ever got elected even when I am so young, I will cut off the United Nations and every relationship with those foreign countries that are keeping Haiti in such chaos and poverty to join African countries. Money is not worth more than human lives. Haiti is first to me”, said Prince Werley Nortreus on Bon Déjeuner! Radio.

Source: Bob Duval, Contributor


Hushpuppi released from prison in America?

Hushpuppi, the Nigerian Instagram celebrity who was arrested a few weeks ago by the Dubai Police and extradited to the United States of America, has been one of the most trending persons in recent times.

Said to have defrauded several people and firms of millions of dollars and even an English Premier League team, it is perceived that he won’t serve any term less than 20 years if he’s been found guilty of his crimes.

In a post made by Nigerian Instagram blog Instablog9ja, Hushpuppi has been released from prison.

According to the information on the website, Hushpuppi whose real name is Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, the 37-year-old was released on July 20th, 2020.

Could it be that he’s been released on bail terms? Well, we really can’t tell for now; it is just surprising he has been released when the court denied him bail in one of his recent court appearances.

Some people have attributed his low key release to the power of money saying he wouldn’t have had it easy if he were not rich.


Why Smart Work Minus Talent Equals An Average Career

In this era where pursuit of self-sufficiency is mainstream, eking out a living through involvement in a job becomes default. With loud whispers of dearth of white-collar jobs, instinct pushes many to indiscriminate search. Natural talent’s place in such foray is tossed aside, starting the journey to earning well but faring averagely. Working hard or smart wouldn’t save you from having an ordinary career when you’ve neglected your inborn strength(s).

Having observed careers of those who have thrived, not survived, in business (Aliko Dangote), medicine (Ben Carson), football (Cristiano Ronaldo), basketball (Michael Jordan), tennis (Serena Williams), comedy (Bovi Ugboma), politics (Barack Obama), art (Pablo Picasso), Education (Albert Einstein), considering individual talent quotient in any career choice is primary. Inborn strengths often provide a headstart, making learning peculiar job skills to be efficient almost seamless. Paying attention to the professional evolution of the highlighted names is insightful. Einstein once sat for a college entrance examination where he excelled only in math and underperformed in other subjects. Although he had to resit, that was an early sign of a future in physics. Have you overlooked any?

With some talent, there is already a foundation to lay the blocks of training, seminars, meetings, further studies, hours of work on; whereas the untalented in a field would need to build one, which is usually not as formidable. Highly impressive results follow whenever the talented puts in significant work, compared to others whose results may be acceptable but hardly outstanding. Why s/he seems to be coveting all the recognitions/promotions, meritoriously, in your office is explicable by talent.

Turning genius in any career requires both the input of talent and work. Neither alone can get you there! A HB pencil writes when sharpened due to its inherent potential; no matter how much a stick is sharpened, it won’t write as well. Hearing people spend half of their lives in a profession without leaving deep footprints behind is so boring and cliché. It is either their talent was starved of work or talent was absent. Why not be different?

©Kaycee Naze,
Rational Pen.


MTN Ghana e-SIM: All You Need To Know

e-SIMs are built into smartphones, devices and wearables. They support multiple profiles and allow customers to connect multiple numbers to their e-SIM devices.

MTN Ghana will soon start the trial of electronic SIM services on its network as soon as it gets approval from the communication commission. The e-SIM is part of MTN’s drive to lead digital transformation, and improve customer experience and quality of service in Ghana.

This is a fast-paced digital age with new technological advancements driving the constantly changing landscape. With the introduction of the e-SIM, MTN customers will enjoy seamless and distinctive digital experience with new levels of flexibility, simplicity and convenience.

The e-SIMs is designed to deliver unprecedented freedom and flexibility. Unlike the physical SIMs, e-SIMs are built into smartphones, devices and wearables. They support multiple profiles and allow customers to connect multiple numbers to their e-SIM devices. The new technology will also be extremely convenient for frequent travelers and tourists, making it easier for them to opt for and keep a local subscription when visiting


Why you should not date ‘broke’ women

The idea that broke people should not be in a relationship needs to start applying to women, too. And this is why.

There is no romance without finance. As cliché as that sounds, it’s nothing short of hard-biting, bitter truth. Every marriage and relationship truly needs money to pulsate with proper excitement.

To quickly clear the air on what being broke means. I do not think there is a uniform, universal benchmark for it. It’s more of a personal definition than something that affects everyone in the same manner. So the deal is to set that personal level and cut off people who do not reach it.

That said, it’s only appropriate to add here that I don’t think that it’s wrong for women to curve guys who can’t afford the littlest things, especially if a required level of effort is also absent from such man. If the guy in question has a poor, retrogressive, closed mind, it just makes the curving a lot easier to do.

Everyone has priorities and relationship needs and I can understand the refusal to not date a guy with whom a relationship is going to be made unnecessarily difficult because of money issues.

Although that is not to say all ‘broke’ guys should be curved though. Just as it’s fine to curve guys because they are broke, it’s also fine to be with a broke guy if you trust his ambitions and feel comfortable with his abilities to move past that state in the not-so-distant future.

Any broke, stingy guy who also somehow has a work ethic and mindset of poverty should not feel bad for being curved.

And so shouldn’t broke women, no matter how beautiful, light-skinned or thick they are.

Now this is where I feel the problem lies – women aren’t so comfortable with hearing this kind of truth. But it has to be said that just as women have the freewill to decide that a guy is broke and unfit to be in a relationship with them, guys have that same freewill, too.

And not only do they have the freewill to think like that, they have all the freedom to express that thought.

Just take for instance this interesting tweet from 2017, with which a user says he does not want to date a woman who does not earn up to 200K monthly and gets quite roasted by [not surprisingly] women.

For too long, quite a lot of women have gotten just by having attractive bodies, fine faces and nothing more.

So it seems that the reality of millennials actively seeking hardworking women, and actually placing a well-stated financial standard on them isn’t particularly sitting well with some.

And guess what? It’s absolutely OK if a woman chooses to focus solely on slaying and glowing her pretty face with nothing else going for her. There’s actually still a market for dependent women.

As I wrote in a previous article (which you absolutely need to read, by the way):

“…there are still men that love trophy wives and stay-at-home mums but they are petering out and becoming rarer with each Saturday that passes.

“Times have changed and… far gone are the days when more men didn’t mind having women totally dependent on them.”

The modern man appreciates a woman who has something going for her. And it’ll be absolutely great if that thing is substantial.

This is not to excuse men from the responsibilities that are traditionally a man’s in the family. I don’t agree with any form of wokeness that frees men from being more financially responsible in the marriage and family.

Please guys, while you place financial demands on these women, don’t forget to still spoil them silly with the finest things and regularly blow their minds with the most thoughtful, most precious gifts.

At the same time, since loads of modern women [and thankfully, men] are seeking their marriages to be run as partnerships, women need to realise that being financially stable is one good way for them to contribute to that partnership.

Apart from that, there are well-known advantages of having your own money – power, freewill, independence, respect, financial freedom, etc.

It’s 2019 and many things have changed. More women are rejecting the idea of marrying and forfeiting their careers for marriage.

Loads of millennial women are never going to stand being a full house-wife and these are all good. It’s never a good thing to lose yourself or identity for the sake of a marriage or relationship anyway.

Just as these are pretty cool, it is also absolutely OK for a man to shun you if you are broke or if you do not meet his required standard of not-being-broke.

More men are toeing this line, this author included.

So ladies, instead of moaning and complaining about men who are vocal about wanting to have nothing to do with broke babes, just focus on bettering yourself and earning your own money so as to be better-equipped for a relationship/marriage and so you won’t be that girl who is easily bought, swayed or convinced only by money or material things.

Or in the eternally-iconic words of Small Doctor, “if you no get money, hide your face…”



Black Lives Matter mural appears in Canada

About twenty artists in Montreal put final touches to a giant “Black Lives Matter” mural in French , painted in largest city in Canada’s Québec province.

The mural, about 100 metres long, modeled after similar efforts, notably in Washington and New York, following the death of George Floyd, an African-American who was asphyxiated by a white policeman in Minneapolis late May.

“The idea came because we saw, the first mural that was done, it was in Washington, and it immediately caught our attention as a message. It was still quite strong. And then when there had the one in front of the Trump Tower, we really found that there was a political act that was linked to this movement. Obviously racism, disparities cross borders”, said Carla Beauvais, Co-founder of the Dynasty Foundation.

The Montreal project was set up for the summer in support of the black communities and their demands. The giant letters were written in the center of the Quebec metropolis.

“I decided to choose the letter I of the word life in The life of blacks counts, I decided to represent an eye that opens because precisely as my t-shirt says, ‘‘stay woke’‘ it is a message that is important to me because it is important to stay awake, to stay alert and aware of the problems we are experiencing personally but also of the problems in society’‘, Niti Marcelle Mueth, Artistic coordinator of the project said.

Wearing a face mask, the mayor of Montreal came to see the mural and congratulated the artists.

After George Floyd’s death, tens of thousands of people demonstrated in major Canadian cities against racism and police brutality, also denouncing racial discrimination in the French-speaking province of Quebec.

Source: AFP


Top 10 Actors Who Died On Production Set

Being an actor isn’t all Hollywood glamour and glitz. Truth be told, at times it tends to be absolute riskier than you think. Take these 10 Hollywood stars, for instance. They all share one dismal thing practically speaking: They took their last breathe from occurrences that happened while on the arrangement of the show or film they were shooting.

While there are some VIP passings that are deceptions and a lot of acclaimed entertainers — like Heath Ledger — who kicked the bucket before completing an undertaking, not every one of them passed on from something on set. A portion of these passing were the consequence of common causes, while different stars met an increasingly grim end.

1. Bruce Lee

While Bruce Lee technically didn’t die from an incident that happened while filming, he still technically passed out during production, collapsing while dubbing for The Game of Death at Golden Harvest Studio in Hong Kong. He was sped away to a local hospital shortly after. Doctors there pointed toward abnormal swelling in the brain as the cause, eventually getting it under control enough to discharge him.

Two months later, Lee went to sleep and didn’t wake up, and was later pronounced dead.

2. Vic Morrow

During the filming of Twilight Zone: The Movie, Morrow was killed on set in July 1982, along with two child actors, Myca Dinh Le and Renee Chen, says How Stuff Works. The Twilight Zone script called for the use of both a helicopter and pyrotechnics, a deadly combination in this case.

During a scene in which Morrow was being attacked by American soldiers in Vietnam, the pyrotechnics exploded, severing the helicopter’s tail, which caused it to crash, decapitating Morrow and killing the two child actors, per Ranker.

Later, it came out that the children who died were going to be paid illegally under the table. Allegedly, the director was trying to avoid California’s laws against kids working at night, as well as working around the potentially dangerous combination of a helicopter and pyrotechnics, per How Stuff Works. In fact, director John Landis and four others were later charged with two counts of involuntary manslaughter due to the illegal hiring of the children. According to Ranker, the jury decided Landis wasn’t expecting the scene to be dangerous and found the defendants not guilty.

3. Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee, the son of martial arts legend Bruce Lee, was killed on March 31, 1993, in a stunt accident on the set of The Crow. “Lee’s character was supposed to get shot in a scene, but the handgun used contained a fragment of a real bullet,” writes Ranker.

During filming, Lee was walking through a doorway carrying a grocery bag as another actor fired blanks at him from 15 feet away, per the Los Angeles Times. At that moment, Lee activated a toggle switch underneath the grocery bag and set off the small charge, called a squib, which is commonly used on movie sets to simulate gunfire effects. Lee was hit in the abdomen by a projectile, and died later that day at the age of 28.

Director Alex Proyas used a double and some special effects in order to complete the movie, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Crow tells the story of a rock musician, Eric Draven, who is granted life and power by a mysterious crow. Draven uses his abilities to hunt and kill the men that murdered him and his fiancée.

4. John Ritter

John Ritter collapsed while on the set of 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter on September 11, 2003. Ritter had become ill while working on the ABC series and ended up collapsing on set. He was rushed to the hospital where he underwent surgery for a tear in his aorta, a rare medical condition that can hit without warning, writes Fox News.

Ritter died that evening, per Fox News. The show was retitled 8 Simple Rules and continued for another season with David Spade and James Garner as replacements, writes Access Atlanta.

Ritter was well-known for his many works in television and on film, particularly for his role as Jack Tripper in Three’s Company, according to Madame Noire.

5. Tyrone Power

While filming Solomon and Sheba, Tyrone Power suffered a massive heart attack on set during a fencing scene. He died on the way to the hospital on March 15, 1958, according to Ranker.

Power first rose to popularity in 1936 with Lloyds of London, according to About. Solomon and Sheba was a series about King David’s younger son, Solomon, who he named his heir rather than his older son, Prince Adonijah.

6. Roy Kinnear

While in Toledo, Spain, filming the movie The Return of the Musketeers, Kinnear fell from a horse. The 54-year-old British actor sustained a broken pelvis and was taken to a hospital in Madrid. The following day, September 20, 1988, Kinnear died from a heart attack, writes Oddee.

Kinnear “played the role of Planchet, the servant of the Musketeer d’Artagnan, a role he created in the Richard Lester hit The Three Musketeers in 1974,” according to The New York Times. The director, Richard Lester, was deeply affected by Kinnear’s death and shortly after quit his own film career, per Oddee.

7. Steve Irwin

Known as an Australian adventurer and animal advocate, the “Crocodile Hunter” was stung and killed by a stingray on September 4, 2006, while filming Oceans Deadliest, an underwater documentary.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Irwin and his cameraman, Justin Lyons, were in chest-deep water near Queensland, Australia. The pair came across an 8-foot-wide stingray; after filming the stingray for a while, it ended up attacking Irwin. “It started stabbing wildly with its tail,” Lyons told the Los Angeles Times, “hundreds of strikes within a few seconds.”

Despite the crew’s efforts to save him, Irwin died before they could get him help. In Lyons’ interview with the Los Angeles Times, he said Irwin’s last words were “I’m dying.”

8. Heath Ledger

When Heath Ledger died of an accidental overdose in 2008, he was in the middle of filming The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. After a brief suspension of production, Jude Law, Colin Farrell and Johnny Depp each played a version of Ledger’s character in the film.

9. Paul Walker

Paul Walker had completed filming on a significant portion of his scenes for Furious 7 when he died in a horrific car crash in 2013. To complete production of the film, his brothers, Cody and Caleb, were used as stand-ins.

10. Paul Mantz

Mantz was a legendary aviator who lost his spot at the U.S. Army Flight School after buzzing over a train filled with high-ranking officers in an effort to show off his skills.

Later, he landed a role in Air Mail, where he flew a biplane through a hangar that wasn’t much bigger than his aircraft. Mantz then appeared in several other films, such as For Whom the Bell TollsTwelve O’Clock High, and The Wings of Eagles.

The daredevil died on July 8, 1965 while performing a stunt for The Flight of the Phoenix — a movie he came out of retirement to film, according to How Stuff Works. Mantz was flying over a desert in Arizona when his plane struck a hill and broke into pieces, immediately killing the aviator. Most of the film had already been shot, so filmmakers substituted another plane for some remaining close-ups. The Flight of the Phoenix was released later that year.

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Reason Why Father Brutalized His 3-years Old Son Will Shock You

Commander of the Manhyia Divisional Police Command, ACP Kwaku Buah, has given an update on the reasons given by a father for virtually mutilating his 3-year-old son’s body.

According to ACP Buah, the abuser father, Ebenezer Nana Bonsu, has told the police that his actions were borne of his 3-year-old son’s insubordination.

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ACP Buah, however, said police suspect Bonsu’s actions could be due to mother of the boy’s decision to opt out of their relationship.

“Bonsu was in a relationship with the boy’s mother until she recently decided to opt out so we suspect it’s the reason he has decided to unleash his anger on the little boy,” he said.

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ACP Buah who was speaking on Adom FM 106.3 FM‘s morning show, Dwaso Nsem, said Mr Bonsu is currently in police custody to assist with investigations as the child receives treatment at the Manhyia Hospital.

“I’m not a doctor but the child’s condition looked bad to me and we pray it’s not worse than we see now because he is to go for a scan today,” he disclosed.

“All the excuses he [the boy’s father] gave didn’t make sense to us because I don’t know what offence can merit such a punishment for a 3-year-old boy,” he added.

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He, however, said the abusive father accepted his fault but blamed the devil for his action.

Mr Bonsu is being prepared to face the law, according to ACP Buah.

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Nigerian Actress Loses Dad to Death

Not too long after reporting the death of actress, Bisola Badmus’s dad , another Nollywood actress, Destiny Etiko has announced the death of her father on her Instagram page.

According to the 26 year old, loosing her father to the hands of death is painful and she is devastated and broken. The curvy actress revealed that her late dad loved and supported her to become an actress.

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Destiny also disclosed that the wicked ones killed her father when she just started making it in life.

Read all she said below;

”am so pained, Am so broken ..Am devastated .It’s as if my life is shattered …The world is wicked o

I still can’t believe that the man who gave me life is gone. Daddy u have always loved and supported me when I told u wat I wanted to take up as a carrier…u prayed for me and told me dat I will always succeed and stand out in all I do …now am making u proud and all the evil ones could do is to take you from us.

My heart is broken into piece and am not sure it can be mended for u left With a part of my soul daddy… closeness with u still making me not believe dat u are gone dad

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OBI AGBAWA M OOOO..My headmaster, My oyibo pepper, My intelligent man, The finest man in ETIKO’s FAMILY. It’s shall never be well with the wicked ones IJN Amen.

This year just hit me like a personal virus and it’s so difficult for me to let go daddy.. You know I love u more than any other thing in this world….I pray I get through this daddy but till den …..may u keep resting in the bosom of the lord IJN Amen.

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@sopuruetiko. U are my father now… Pls always be strong for me.. I love u my blood …THIS WORLD IS WICKED”

Destiny Etiko

Many celebrities and fan all over the world have sent her their condolences whiles they wait for the funeral and burial of the great man who has fallen. Mr. Pete Udochie was one of the celebrities who visited Destiny Etiko’s house to console her.

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She later posted a video of Nollywood star Pete Udochie paying a condolence visit. In the video, she was seen crying in the arms of the Nollywood veteran.

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Rev. Obofour, Pastor Love and Opambour Are All Using Juju – Manasseh Azure

As usual, Net2TV GH hosted one of the alleged “filla givers” about fake pastors and prophets in Ghana. Whilst Demon Breaker was hosted last week to reveal secrets, yesterday’s own saw a new face. The new witness in the person of Manasseh revealed more deadly secrets about the supposed fake pastors.

Among other things, Manasseh alleged that pastors like Rev. Opambour, Rev. Obofour, Abruku Abruka, and Pastor Love – former husband of Obaapa Christy (Christiana Love) are all fake pastors or prophets who even have shrines in their homes and various church premises.

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The young man did not mince words as he divulged alleged deep secrets of how some pastors forge miracles, frequent shrines, and do other devilish activities in the dark just to make enough cash from their congregants.

Watch the full video below:

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What do you make of this? Leave your opinions in the comment section below.

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Top 10 Richest Ghanaian Female Celebrities

Today, we have gathered for you information about your favorite Ghanaian female celebrities. This exploration gives insights about the Top ten (10) Ghanaian richest actress of 2019/20 by their net worth, endosment deals, businesses and movies.

We did a cross check on other reliable sources to finally arrived at this.
Sit tight as we give you an overview of their earnings.

10. Martha Ankomah

Martha Ankomah Net Worth: $ 200,000
Last on our list of top 10 richest Ghanaian actresses is Martha Ankomah with an estimated net worth of $ 200,000. She is one of the popular faces in Ghallywood and has grown to become successful at what she does making her one of the richest.

Martha Ankomah’s fans adore her and producers in Nollywood and Ghallywood want her in their movies because of her talent and role interpretation.

She is not only an actress, but Martha is also a businesswoman, but she also owns a modern beauty salon called Martha’s place. She opened this salon in a2013. Martha Ankomah was also able to secure an endorsement for herself with Vita Milk in 2015.

9. Nana Ama Mcbrown

Nana Ama Mcbrown Net Worth: $220,
On the ninth position of our list of the richest actress in Ghana is Nana Ama Mcbrown with an estimated net worth of $220,000. Her movie Asoreba shot her to the limelight and she has never looked back since then.

She is one of the actresses in Ghana that knows how to interpret roles well. Nana Ama Mcbrown is a household name in Ghana today and even in Nigeria because she has starred in uncountable blockbuster movies, some of her movies are Playboy, Fools Paradise, My Own Mother, Friday Night, Girl Connection, Love Come Back etc

8. Lydia Forson

Occupying the 8th position on our list of top 10 richest actresses in Ghana is Lydia Forson with a net worth of $250,000. She is an opinionated woman that loves to speak her mind and this has endeared her to many.

This gorgeous actress has many nominations to her credit and notable among them is the nomination she got as Best Upcoming Female Actress at African Movie Academy Awards.

Lydia Forson has acted in many award-winning movies; this woman surely knows what she is doing. The movies she starred in include: Perfect Picture, Phone Swap, Masquerades, A Sting in a Tale and others.

7. Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne Okoro Net Worth: $270,000
This beautiful Ghanaian actress is one of the richest female actresses in Ghana with an estimated net worth of $270,000. She is one of the best, talented and popular actresses in Ghallywood.

Yvonne Okoro has a Nigerian dad and Ghanaian mother but this did not stop her from doing what she knows how to do best in Ghana and being on top of the game.

Yvonne became the face of PZ Cussons Ghana Ltd in 2013 and became a household face because of this.

6. Ama K.Abebrese

Ama K. Abebrese Net Worth: $300,000
This talented Ghallyhood actress, producer, and TV presenter is 6th on the list with a net worth of $300,000. Ama K. Abebrese won the Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2011 as the Best Actress in a Leading Role.

This beautiful and internationally recognized woman was named among 100 Most Influential African Women Influencer of the era by C Hub Magazine in 2014/2015.

This woman is passionate about what she does, no wonder she is smiling to the bank. Ama.K. Abebrese deserves her place on the list of top 10 richest Ghanaian actresses.

5. Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas Net Worth: $400,000
This beautiful actress made our list of top 10 richest actresses in Ghana with a net worth of $400,000.

Joselyn Dumas is a hardworking and successful actress got a nomination for Best Actress in a lead role for her role in the blockbuster movie “Adams Apple”.

She is a successful actress all right but this striking lady also has many endorsements to her credit. Joselyn Dumas became the brand ambassador of Range Rovers Evoque and Jobberman in Ghana.

4. JulietIbrahim

Juliet Ibrahim Net Worth: $500,000
Fourth on the list is Juliet Ibrahim with a net worth of $500,000. Majority of Juliet Ibrahim’s wealth came from acting and film production; the actress is also a producer like her counterparts.

Juliet Ibrahim produced two blockbuster movies in 2014 titled Shattered Romance and Number One Fan, the film which starred faces from both Ghanaian and Nigeria movie world was popular both in Ghana and Nigeria.

Juliet Ibrahim was also able to clinch an endorsement deal with LG in 2015 and she also became the face of Carotone.

3. Nadia Buari

Nadia Buari Net Worth: $750,000
Following on 3rd place on the list of top 10 richest Ghanaian actresses is Nadia Buari with a net worth of $750,000.

The beautiful and white-skinned actress started acting in 2015, her role in Beyonce shot her into the limelight and since then Nadia has continued to work her way into the heart of many of her fans.

Nadia Buari is not only into acting, but she is also a film producer; she has many films to her credit today. Nadia Buari got endorsement contracts with her film acting and production and these are the major source of the bulk of her wealth.

2. Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah Net Worth: $800,000
Second on our list of richest actress in Ghana is Jackie Appiah with a net worth of $800,000. Jackie has featured in many Hollywood and Ghallywood movies and notable among them are: Princess Tyra, To Love a Prince, Pretty Queen, My Last Wedding etc. She has also done TV advert for U.B relaxer and GSMF. This woman is on top of the game and she is good at what she does, hence, her success in making money out of her talents.

1. Yvonne Nelson

Yvonne Nelson Net Worth: $900,000
This black and gorgeous Ghanaian actress is the richest Ghanaian actress with a net worth of $900,000. Yvonne Nelson is a model, actress, film producer and businesswoman. This versatile woman was able to make her earning through modeling, business and film production but the majority of her earning come from acting. She is a talented actress, her creativity, and skills in interpreting scripts put her on top of the game, Yvonne has won many awards and endorsement.


The Best Way To Get Your Teeth Whitened In Just 3-minutes

It is everyone’s desire to have as white Teeths as animated Disney cartoons however this is not the case because most of us have yellow. Teeths which are as a result of poor brushing methods and excess intake of chocolate and biscuits which have discolored our Teeths.

If you have been looking for the best method to whiten your Teeths in three minutes then worry not because Celebritiesbuzzgh has the best recommendations as always.

The key to making your Teeths as white as snow is always with you but you have never noticed because you have never imagined it could be used in whitening teeths besides from baking cakes and other pastry.

You already know what Iam taking about, baking powder is the best ingredient you will need as you whitten your teethsTake two spoonful of the powder and add in aglass then add a full piece of concentrated lemon to the powder.

Take your toothbrush and apply the mixture together with your toothpaste, brush for two minutes and rinse then observe your Teeths in a mirror, do this for one week and you will have as white Teeths as you have always wanted.

Top 5 African Countries With Curvy Women

In this article I will be sharing with you 5 countries in Africa with the most curvy women. Few countries in Africa have more curvy women compare to other women in European, Asia and American countries. African women are very beautiful and always referred to as fashion icon and African queens. In this article you will find out the five countries in Africa with the most curvy women.

1. Kenya

Kenya women are very beautiful and curvy. Now let’s look at the history of Kenyan women. Before British colonization, women in Kenya played important roles in the community from raising children and maintaining the family to working on farms and in marketplaces. The influence of a patriarchy became even stronger with colonization which stripped women of many responsibilities and opportunities they once had. However, some women in Kenya fought alongside men during their struggle for independence and are acknowledged in the country’s rich history for their role. Even after Kenya gained independence in 1963, women were still oppressed and not given many opportunities like education except for a small number of young women. Women in Kenya still faced many problems such as child marriages and arranged marriages, Female Genital Mutilation and lack of supportive education. In the midst of all this Kenya women are still very curvy, beautiful, classic, and gorgeous

2. Nigeria

Nigerian women are very beautiful and curvy. Now let’s look at the history of Nigerian women. Women’s social role in Nigeria differs according to religious and geographic factors. Women’s role in Nigeria is primarily understood as mothers, sisters, daughters and wives. Additionally, women’s roles are in accordance with ethnic differences and religious background. The challenges for women in Nigeria especially in the northern part of Nigeria include child marriage and female genital mutilation but women in the southern part of Nigeria don’t experience that. Nigerian women had received western-style of education since the nineteenth century, so they occupied positions in the professions and to some extent in politics. Nigeria women are very curvy and extraordinary beautiful. Nigerian women are not known for beauty alone but also they are known for their bravery, smartness, sense of fashion and creativity.

3. Ghana

Ghana Women are very beautiful and curvy. Now let’s look at the history of Ghanaian women. The status of Women in Ghana and their roles in Ghanaian society has changed over the past few decades. There has been a slow increase in the political participation of Ghanaian women throughout history. Women in Ghana are given equal rights under the Constitution but yet disparities in education, employment, and health for women remain prevalent. Women in Ghana have much less access to resources than men in Ghana. Women in pre-modern Ghanaian society were seen as bearers of children, farmers and retailers of products. Rates of female-headed households are on the rise in Ghana. The number of female-headed households in Ghana who are either widowed or divorced has also risen over time. In the midst of all this Ghanaian women are very curvy, beautiful and classic.

4. Tanzania

Tanzania women are very beautiful and curvy. Now let’s look at the history of Tanzanian women. In Tanzania, women and men have equality for the law. The government signed the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against women in 1985 and school girls were reinstated back to school after delivery. Now the constitution of Tanzania requires that women are to constitute at least 30% of all elected members of National Assembly. Tanzanian women have greater access to control resources and contribute to decision-making in order to reduce extreme poverty and increase women’s equality and also ensuring that Tanzanian women are healthier and more productive. Aside from beauty, Tanzania women are very strong and very brave.

5. South Africa

South African women are very beautiful and curvy. Now let’s look at the history of South African women. In general, all racial and ethnic groups in South Africa have long-standing beliefs concerning gender roles, and most are based on the premise that women in South Africa are less important, or less deserving of power, than men. Some African traditional social organizations are male centered and male dominated. 20th century economic and political developments presented South African women with both new obstacles and new opportunities to wield influence. In South Africa, women are empowered to guarantee the day-to-day survival of their families and to carry out financial and legal transactions that otherwise would have been reserved for men. However, in 1943, The African National Congress of Women’s League was formed and was able to organize more than 20,000 women to march on government buildings in Pretoria to protest against the pass laws and other apartheid restrictions in 1955. South African women are very beautiful and also known for their bravery and courage during Apartheid in South Africa.


MTN Ghana Short Codes And Their Uses

MTN Ghana Short Codes And Their Uses | Many MTN Ghana subscribers like you have no or less knowledge about the shortcodes made available to them by their network. This means that you will usually find it difficult for them when you badly need to use the services.

I can’t really tell what the actual cause of this is but all I know is that there might be ineffective communication between the subscriber (you) and the telecoms (in this case MTN Ghana). I believe strong, MTN Ghana is working towards educating their customer about their various shortcodes and what services they can be used.

MTN Ghana Shortcodes And Their Uses

Today, your worries about the “MTN Ghana Shortcodes and Their Uses” is over as I am going to list for you in this article all the shortcodes they have and what they are used for.

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The introduction of shortcodes by telecommunication companies has made it easier to perform certain tasks with just a dial. These shortcuts are very helpful with simple straight-forward prompts and easy to remember.

MTN Ghana Shortcodes

The MTN Ghana Shortcodes includes MTN mobile money short code, MTN Pay For Me shortcode or the MTN Nkomode shortcode, and a whole list of other shortcodes that will come in handy, especially for loyal MTN customers.

Knowing some of these MTN Ghana Shortcodes will save you a lot of time and that is why I have taken my time to compile a whole list of MTN Shortcodes for you below. These codes range from data bundle shortcodes to stopping offers shortcodes.

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MTN Shortcodes For Calls And Data Bundles

Dial *134*pin# to reload airtime
To check your credit balance/balance inquiry, dial *124#.

To send a Please Call Me message, open your Message App, send 024xxxxxx 1 to 1399. The 024xxxxxxx represents the recipient’s phone number.
To subscribe to MTN Pulse dial *567#.
Dial *5674# for MTN Mashup balance
Dial *156# to check your MTN mobile phone number.
Dial 100 to access the MTN Call Center.
Dial 154[244xxxxxx] for MTN pay for me The 244xxxxxx represents the recipient’s phone number.

To recharge voucher for another number, dial *144*number to recharge for* the voucher number# then send.

In situations where you are a victim of mobile money fraud, dial 1515 for assistance. Simply send a text message with details on the name of the fraudster and the date when the fraud occurred.

Data Bundles

For MTN internet bundles, dial *138#. To purchase a monthly internet bundle whose value is 300MB to 10GB, dial *138*1*3#. (Refer to 1381# and follow the prompts for all your data bundle needs)

For internet social bundles that are used to access social media platforms such as Facebook dial *138*1*5#. (Refer to *138*1# and follow the prompts for all your data bundle needs)

To purchase YouTube bundles, for streaming videos on YouTube, dial *138*16#.

MTN Mobile Money Shortcodes

Dial *170# for MTN mobile money code. (For subscribers accounts only)
Dial *171# for MTN Mobile Money Menu on Merchant account only.
Dial *511# for generating mobile money ATM token.
In case you have delayed repaying your mobile money loan and wish to be exempted from extra interest, dial *595#.

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Caller Tunez

To subscribe to CallerTunez package dial 1355
To unsubscribe from MTN CallerTunez just text ‘STOP’ to 1355.

To send a voicemail, dial 108.
To receive a voicemail dial 109.

Me2U Service

To register for the me2u service, dial *198# then send. On the list of options displayed, select number 1 to activate (if you haven’t done that already.)

To share credit with family and friends, dial *198# and select option 2 and follow the prompts.

Alternatively, you can still use the messages procedure. Press space after this, then press space again. Send this message to 1329, the alternative shortcode for sharing credit.

For MTN me2u, register by typing, without leaving any space, Send this to 1329.

Dial 138*1*4# for unlimited MTN internet bundles. (Refer to *138*1# and follow the prompts for all your data bundle needs)

To borrow some credit, dial *506#

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To check the 4G compatibility of your device simply dial *585#.
To buy a weekly MTN internet bundle, whose value ranges from 25MB to 500MB, dial *138*12#. (Update: This shortcode is no longer available.)

For those who wish to subscribe to blackberry plans, dial *140#.
To share your credit with friends, dial *198#.
To subscribe to WeChat monthly data package, dial *1552#.

To make your phone number portable, text PORT to 600.
To confirm whether your number has been registered, dial *400#.
If you happen to be a victim of SIM-Box fraud and wish to report the fraud, SMS the Simbox of the fraudster to 419.

Internet Settings

To request for internet settings, dial *585#.
For accurate weather forecast, dial *455#.
In case you wish to have your phone number reserved for two years, dial *1390#.

To connect to MTN radio, dial 1303.
To get farming tips, dial 30037.
To subscribe to cool jokes, dial 30020.
To get updates on Silverbird movies, SMS MOVIES to 1412.

Free MTN Calls Shortcode

To Make Free MTN Calls to One Number for 6Months, the MTN codes for free calls is *550# (For newly registered numbers not older than 6Months)
For MTN free after one offer dial *315#
To deactivate from all these MTN services, simply dial *175#.

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Other MTN Ghana Offers You Would like To Know More About

MTN Sunday Special Shortcode

MTN Ghana is full of packages that you cannot afford to miss. One of them is the MTN Sunday special offer. For just 50p, a subscriber is given free talk time to call other MTN users. The package also comes along with free SMSs. The MTN shortcode for subscribing to MTN Sunday special offer is *5050#.

MTN Ghana Special Data Offer (Just4U Offer)

MTN has introduced a shortcode for its new offer that gives customers more data for less money. These offer changes daily and you will love the daily offers that they give which comes which additional data before and after purchase.
The Shortcode for MTN Ghana Special Offer Data is *141#. Check it out for amazing offers awaiting you.

How to Redeem MTN points

Most of the services offered by MTN have an added advantage since points are awarded for them. What is more interesting about these services is that the points are redeemable.

To redeem your accumulated MTN points use the shortcode *482#. The points can be redeemed for airtime, mobile phones or even modems. For recharge purposes, a customer can purchase the online MTN recharge card.
Update: MTN Ghana has stopped supporting redeeming of points for this service. This means that the *428# shortcode above won’t work. Subscribe to our updates because we will updates you anytime they make it available again.

Source: CelebritiesBuzzGh | MTN Ghana Shortcodes And Their Uses


Full List of Top World Celebrities Who Visited Ghana in 2019 For The Year of Return

Full List of Top World Celebrities Who Visited Ghana in 2019 For The Year of Return | Since the announcement of the “Year of Return” for 2019 by the Ghanaian government, the West African country has recorded a quiet number of diasporan trooping into the country. These include top celebrities and influential people from around the globe.

We at CelebritiesBuzzGh have gathered for you a list of the top celebrities and personalities who have visited the country and what they are doing. Keep reading, you would be surprised what some of your favorite celebrities are experiencing in Ghana this festive period.

The Year of Return, Ghana 2019 is an initiative of the government of Ghana that is intended to encourage African diasporans to come to Africa (specifically Ghana) to settle and invest in the continent.

This is also to mark 400 years of African Resilience to slavery. It also marks 400 years of the first enslaved African arriving in Jamestown Virginia.


As part of the celebrations, many stars/celebrities across the world came to Ghana to either have fun, invest, or visit some tourist attraction sites here in the motherland.

Others came for various events, and some on personal projects. All these celebrities and stars have been captured in our gargantuan list.

Full List Top World Celebrities Who Visited Ghana in 2019 For The Year of Return:


Memphis Depay, commonly known simply as Memphis, is a Dutch professional footballer and music artist who plays as a forward and captains French club Lyon and plays for the Netherlands national team.

List of famous celebrities who came to Ghana in 2019

Memphis Depay was in Ghana, Cape Coast to be precise on Jun 25, 2019, to enjoy his summer break and most importantly to engage in charity work.


Kofi Nahaje Sarkodie-Mensah is a Ghanaian-American professional wrestler currently signed to WWE under the ring name Kofi Kingston where he performs on the SmackDown brand.

After leaving his home country Ghana in 1993 to the United States, World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) performer Kofi Kingston returned on May 30, 2019.

Kofi Kingston upon his arrival met with Ghana’s President Nana Akufo-Addo to present his WWE belt.



Deborah Cox is a Canadian singer, songwriter, actress, and record producer. Born and raised in Toronto, Cox began performing on television commercials at age 12, and entered various talent shows in her teenage years before becoming a professional backing vocalist for Celine Dion

Deborah Cox was in Ghana to headline the Ghana World Music Festival as part of events marking the Year of Return

The celebrated entertainment icon who touched down at the Kotoka International Airport at 3:50 pm local time on Thursday, August 1, 2019, afternoon was met on arrival by officials from the Year of Return secretariat.

In one of the videos sighted online (above), Cox seemed to have enjoyed her short stay in Ghana as she was seen enjoying her local fufu.


Danny Lebern Glover is a 73-year-old American actor, film director, and political activist. He is known for his lead role as Roger Murtaugh in the Lethal Weapon.

The renowned actor arrived in Ghana for the Jamestown to Jamestown event taking place tomorrow at Jamestown Accra marking the exact day 400years ago since the first enslaved Africans arrived in Jamestown Virginia on August 20, 1619.



Michael Richard Jai White is an American actor, director, and martial artist. He is the first African American to portray a major comic book superhero in a major motion picture. Micahel Jai White was also in Ghana.

Michael Jai White was even enstooled as chief in Akwamu in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

This was at a traditional ceremony held on Wednesday, January 2, 2019, at Akwamufie, where the stool name Odupong­  literally meaning ‘a tree firmly rooted’  was conferred on him.


Hollywood star Boris Kodjoe also arrived in Ghana a day ago for the Full Circle Festival organised for diasporans as part of the Year of Return initiative.

Boris Frederic Cecil Tay-Natey Ofuatey-Kodjoe, better known as Boris Kodjoe, is an Austrian-born actor of German and Ghanaian descent known for his roles as Kelby in the 2002 film Brown Sugar.


Chinese actor and movie producer, Li Lianjie, popularly known as Jet Li landed in Ghana on Nov 17, 2019, for the maiden edition of the Africa Netpreneurship Summit. 

The legendary Chinese actor was sighted at the Kempiski hotel with former Secretary-General of the United Nations, Ban Ki-Moon. He also paid a visit to the presidency.



Broderick Stephen Harvey is an American comedian, businessman, and entertainer. He hosts The Steve Harvey Morning Show, Family Feud, Celebrity Family Feud, the Miss Universe competition and Fox’s New Year’s Eve.

Steve Harvey visited tourist attraction sites like the Cape Coast Castle where he shared his experience as one of a kind which he promised thereof to bring/encourage more Americans to visit Ghana.


Another Hollywood actor who came to Ghana was Samuel L. Jackson who had earlier traced his roots to Gabon.

His adventures in the country included a documentary shoot and visits to local markets in Accra and fish markets in Cape Coast.

He also visited the Elmina castle and some parts of Salt Pond, all in the Central Region of Ghana.


Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., known professionally as T.I. and Tip is an American rapper and actor. Harris signed his first major-label record deal in 1999 with Arista subsidiary LaFace. 

TI and his wife recently made an emotional visit to Ghana’s Cape Coast Castle in the Central Region of Ghana

The ‘Live Your Life’ rapper, who was in Ghana for the Year of Return, visited the slavery monument to learn more about the history of slavery.


Belcalis Marlenis Almánzar, known professionally as Cardi B, is an American rapper, songwriter and television personality. Born in Manhattan and raised in The Bronx, New York City, she became an internet celebrity after several of her posts and videos became viral on Vine and Instagram.

Cardi B was in Ghana earlier this month for the Livespot X Festival as the headline artiste.

Though her stay in Ghana was very short, she was greeted with so much controversy by the Ghanaian entertainment industry. However, she confessed that amidst the controversies she loved the time she spent in Ghana and would love to come back one day.



Kenyan Hollywood star, Lupita Nyong’o, was spotted in Ghana embarking on a private tour as part of the on-going ‘Year of Return’.

Though Lupita did not make her visit to Ghana official in the open, a photo of her surfaced on the internet as she was seen touring the Cape Coast Castle.


Hisham Tawfiq is an American actor, best known for playing Dembe Zuma, part of the security detail and very close friend to Raymond “Red” Reddington in NBC’s The Blacklist. 

News on Hisham’s arrival in Ghana surfaced online on December 24, 2019.

In an Instagram post, Hisham Tawfiq shows a video of himself and others at the Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum in Accra



American actor and musician Christopher Brian Bridges, known professionally as Ludacris also arrived in Ghana and has paid a visit to the Cape Coast Castle.

After his historic visit, Ludacris wrote on his Instagram page, “Our ancestors never gave up Faith. You can never imprison our minds nor our spirits. They empowered me to Return. I have completed the cycle and I’m beginning a new Cycle. The Chains have been Broken and the indomitable resilience of African People Triumphs   #yearofthereturn.”


American singer Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles has touched down in Ghana for the Year of Return.

The photo above was taken after the popular musician’s mother arrived at the Kotoka International airport, Accra on Friday, 27th December 2019.


Award-winning rapper Rick Ross touched down in Ghana Thursday, making him one of the numerous A-List celebs to visit the West African country.

Rick Ross headlined the 2019 edition of Mr Eazi’s annual concert – Detty Rave. The award-winning Hip-Hop artist has expressed his deep love for Ghana claiming Ghana is his motherland.

Rick Ross could not help it after he experienced great affection and hospitality by Ghanaians and has to profess his love.

We would do our best to keep you updated about the year of return activities and more. Keep visiting CelebritiesBuzzGh.Com for more.

We would like to hear what you think about this article: Full List of Top World Celebrities Who Visited Ghana in 2019 For The Year of Return. Leave your opinions and comments below in the comments section.


Wiyaala Unveils The New Wiyaala 100% Jerseys

Wiyaala Unveils The New Wiyaala 100% Jerseys | Wiyaala is popularly known for her exceptional Afropop style and performance energy is a Ghanaian superstar. She has already released two wonderful albums that can be found in all digital music stores. Recently, she was signed and unveiled as a Universal Music Group artiste.

Today, Wiyaala has introduced to her fans and music lovers all around the globe, her all-new “Wiyaala 100” jerseys.

According to her, the “Wiyaala 100” jerseys were designed by Ghanaian fashion designer, Ellisha Boie and was modelled by Kog Kweku (K.O.G & The Zongo Brigade & ONIPA) & Martin Smith, the producer of MU Studios – Sheffield.

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The jersey which was designed by Ghanaian fashion designer Ellisha Boie looking so amazing and they come in different colours. Many followers of the Afropop star are already requestioning more information about the newly designed outfit in order to purchase one for themselves.

She unveiled the new Wiyaala 100% on her facebook page. See the post she made about these new fashion wears below.

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This is 100% made in Ghana products. Buy it for yourself, your friends and your loved ones. You are indirectly supporting Wiyaala with every purchase you make.

How To Buy The “WIYAALA 100% Jerseys”

To buy Wiyaala 100% Jerseys in Ghana, contact Ellisha Boie on 0542667000 GHC 100 ($18). For enquiries outside Ghana contact

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Video: Nuna ft Djay – Here to stay

Video: Nuna ft Djay – Here to stay | Budding Ghanaian act, Nuna has released a new song dubbed “Here to Stay”, the song is a follow up to his highly successful debut single Staircase which received a massive response on the various Senior High School campus.

  • Nuna is an uprising artiste in Ghana.
  • She has released a new song known as “Here to stay” perhaps to tell why she came.
  • She featured Djay another talented uprising artistes.

Touted as the biggest high school star, this song features Djay another talented act.

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The song is accompanied by a masterpiece video directed by award-winning Ghanaian Cinematographer Jeneral Jay.

Nuna is a final year student of Ghana National College a senior high school in Cape Coast.
Music has always been part of him but really got inspired right after he listened to “good intentions” a music album composed by Dappy. That has been his motivation for writing good songs. A few Ghanaian artists he draws inspiration from and listens to are Sarkodie, El and Joey B.

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Nuna is currently signed onto the Ghanaian 360 entertainment company Alkians Entertainment.

Watch Video: Nuna ft Djay – Here to stay

You can watch the video of the song or listen to the song itself below:

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This article is brought to courtesy of CelebritiesBuzzGh Ghana Entertainment News. For more entertainment news, click on the read more Celebrities News link below. Don’t miss the vibe! Get the latest trends now!

Meanwhile, Fans and followers of Feli Nuna have expressed how much they have enjoyed her songs all this while. They revealed that Feli Nuna songs entertained them to the core. Feli Nuna dream song and Feli Nuna ft Stonebwoy were massive hits not forgetting Feli Nuna Dream and its lyrics. Don’t get lost. Nuna and Feli Nuna are 2 different brands!

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Download Twitch X Kwesi Arthur X KiDi – Superman Video

Download Twitch X Kwesi Arthur X KiDi – Superman Video | Ground Up Chale associates Kwesi Arthur, Kidi and Twitch bless the made-for-Groovin’ “Superman” with a flare that spreads good vibrations across three melodic verses.

The sparse montage fits the message that love is worth fighting for, while the potent song’s weight is augmented through the lighting, art direction and casting of an expert crew led by director David Duncan, and brought to life through meticulous lens work.

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The purpose is never to sweat, though; “Superman” is as easy a love song as the best of ’em, though its relatability and street- certified credentials place it miles ahead of the pack. The music video was filmed and directed by Director – David Duncan for Ground Up Charlie whiles the original song was produced by young and talented Ghanaian beat producer – YungDemz.

VIDEO: Twitch X Kwesi Arthur X KiDi – Superman

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Meanwhile, Efia Odo had said in an interview that she didn’t hit on Kwesi Arthur because he was too innocent and that he didn’t want to spoil him. She made this statement after she was questioned about rumours that she had been banged by the Tema boy.


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Download Fameye – TGIF Video (Thank God Is Friday) Ft. Dj Mic Smith

Download Fameye – TGIF Video (Thank God Is Friday) Ft. Dj Mic Smith | From the camp of OGB Music which is owned by Ogidi Brown, the Nothing I Get hitmaker has finally released the official music video for his latest single “Thank God It’s Friday which features Dj Mic Smith.

Fameye has charged up and is currently the hot cake in the Ghanaian music industry. This year actually happens to be his year of glory as he is paid to perform at various events both at home and abroad.

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Currently, Fameye could be counted among one of the most featured Ghanaian artistes in 2019. Almost any song he has added his voice to comes out loud and accepted. He has been featured by many artistes both mainstream and underground artistes.

His new song Thank God It’s Friday is the latest trending song. It was shot and directed by a Ghanaian video director known as Rex for Fameye Watch or download Fameye – TGIF Video below.

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Download Fameye – TGIF Video (Thank God Is Friday) Ft. Dj Mic Smith


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Meanwhile, Fameye has been nominated in two different Music Video Awards scheme. He was nominated for MTN 4Syte TV Music Video Awards 2019 and the 3RD TV Music Video Awards 2019 – Green Edition.


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Download Kuami Eugene – For Love Video ft Conan O’Brien

Download Kuami Eugene – For Love Video ft Conan O’Brien | Kuami Eugene releases the official music video for his new single “For Love” featuring American comedian/presenter Conan O’Brien under the Lynx Entertainment record label. He recently released a song titled “Obiaato” after which he released the “For Love” audio.

This music video features a whole love of people including Kuami Eugene himself, Conan O’Brien and the current reigning DJ of The Year at the just ended Ghana DJ Awards, DJ Switch Ghana.

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The video included some choreography and acrobatic moves by some of the performers. The video was filmed and directed by aced Ghanaian video director, REX for Lynx Entertainment.

Kuami Eugene keeps giving us new vibes every now and then. Watch or download the full video of his new song “For Love” below. Don’t forget to share with friends and loved ones.

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Kuami Eugene – For Love Video ft Conan O’Brien


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