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Fan Allegedly Dies After Fight Broke Out At Dope Nation’s Concert [VIDEO]

It is alleged that one of the patrons and fan of music duo, Dope Nation who attended the Dope Concert over the weekend has died after a fight broke at the venue where the concert was held.

A video footage captures the unidentified young man who is rumored to have passed on slumped on the ground during the messy clash at the venue and the reason for their fight is unknown at the moment.

As he lied motionless, a voice was heard in the background pronouncing him dead as others watched on without trying to offer him any help.

Reacting to the video below; snrbarry148 wrote; “People of the world, his down and nobody can’t rush him to hospital 😢😢😢”

farova_1 wrote; “But the guy he’s not dead he is still alive you guys to watch the next video in the hospital”

enalivemall wrote; “When there are no jobs for the youth. They invest their energies into crimes against themselves and others.”

jubee1 wrote; “S3 wei na mo p3.. always importing stupid lifestyle into the country and the hypocrites making money of it will be promoting it”


In other news, Nigerian Afrobeats queen, Tiwa Savage has taken to social media to cry out over how costly it is to step out following an encounter with some ‘crazy’ fans in Lagos.

Tiwa Savage revealed that she went to the beach in Lagos and some fans could not let her go as they hailed her outrageously demanding some cash giveaway from her.

According to her, her mistake was to go to the beach without security and also took small cash as she claims she was nearly slapped that day for her inability to share enough money to the fans.

She posted a video of some area boys hailing her and cheering at her whilst she is in her car.


Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Fan Allegedly Dies After Fight Broke Out At Dope Nation’s Concert [VIDEO]