Female Ghanaian Celebrities Who Already Own The Latest iPhone 11 | In this article, you will get to know the few female Ghanaian celebrities who have already acquired for themselves the latest version of the Apple phone, iPhone 11. Most of them are already flaunting them on social media to show their followers they can afford it.

Apple recently released its new line of flagships for 2019 namely iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max. These phones are successors to last year’s iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max. The new iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max has greatly improved compared to their predecessors.

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Getting and flaunting it has now become a trend among celebrities around the world and in Ghana too. The first celebrity to flaunt her iPhone X in Ghana was lawyer, Sandra Ankobia. She actually got hers on the day of the phone’s launch in Dubai. Sandra Ankobiah on the day of its launch was seen joining a long queue in Dubai to get herself the first edition of the new iPhone 11.

She posted a video and later flaunted in a series of posts on social media and it seems celebrities notably the females who somehow have acquired these premium devices with hefty price tags apparently feel the need to put it in our faces on social media too.

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Their reason? Obviously to prove to their followers that they can afford to buy a phone which is worth two plots of lands somewhere in Ghana. It feels good to be among the very few to poses the latest edition of an electronic gadget these days and flaunting it is obviously one of the ways to show the world you were able to afford it too.

#1 Sandra Ankobia

Sandra Ankobia is a Ghanaian celebrity and a lawyer. She was among the very first people in Dubai who bought the $1000+ phone upon its launch. See below a picture of her as she flaunts her new iPhone 11.

Sandra Ankobia - Female Ghanaian Celebrities Who Already Own The Latest iPhone 11
Sandra Ankobia with Her iPhone 11

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#2 Jackie Appiah

She is one of Ghana’s best actresses. Many YOLO fans know her as Aunty Enyonam, the mother of Cyril. Jackie Appiah is one of the popular female celebrities in Ghana who loves to flaunt whatever she’s got, from her phones to her cars. She is also among the few female celebrities to acquire the iPhone 11 and is already showing it off to her followers on Instagram.

Jackie Appiah - Female Ghanaian Celebrities Who Already Own The Latest iPhone 11
Jackie Appiah with Her iPhone 11

#3 Sista Afia

Sista Afia is one of Ghana’s controversial female singers. Even though she is not so consistent in the Ghanaian music industry, she has proved to her followers she already has her own cash to afford the latest edition of apple’s phone – the iPhone 11. She couldn’t hide her new toy from her followers as she was happy to let them see it. Check out Sista Afia’s picture below as she flaunts her new iPhone 11 on her IG.

Sista Afia - Female Ghanaian Celebrities Who Already Own The Latest iPhone 11
Sista Afia with Her iPhone 11

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#4 Hajia4Real

Hajia4Real has also joined the new trend of flaunts. She is one of the Ghanaian female celebrities to buy the new iPhone 11. You know you can’t buy a phone worth Gh¢5000 and hide it. Hajia4Real is showing hers to her followers and the world to let everyone including friends and enemies to know she has gotten hers too. Check out Hajia4Real and her new iPhone in the photo below.

Hajia4Real - Female Ghanaian Celebrities Who Already Own The Latest iPhone 11
Hajia4Real with Her iPhone 11


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