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Ghana’s Showbiz Industry Is Demonic – Veteran Actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio

Veteran actor, Palm Adjeteyfio has made a chilling revelation about Ghana’s showbiz industry and he reveals that the industry is demonic.

Psalm Adjeteyfio made this known while speaking to Samuel Eshun during an interview on Happy FM and according to him, one does not need scientific explanations to recognize that the entertainment industry is completely demonic.

The actor who was popular for his role in local drama TV series ‘ Taxi Driver’ two decades ago claimed the devil himself is in the entertainment industry, however, he established that it is also possible to be in it while remaining spiritually connected to God.

“It is easy to be in the Showbiz industry and know God but unfortunately the Showbiz business I should say is satanic because the devil himself is in Showbiz if you watch foreign movies and artistes you see their lifestyle, how they tattoo their bodies and how they live, you will realize that it’s demonic.

“Look at their appearances straight away you don’t need anybody to tell you this person is under the influence of Satan.”

TT advised the industry’s young players, saying, “they need to fear the Father Almighty, as I kept saying.” You can be in this industry and still fear the all-powerful Father; it will make you a better person or artist.


Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Ghana’s Showbiz Industry Is Demonic – Veteran Actor, Psalm Adjeteyfio