Accra, Ghana – According to a Ghanaian British citizen, the CEO of Zylofone Music and Menzgold Ghana, Nana Appiah Mensah is been oppressed by some top government official and might be taking orders from the president. – Ghana Govt is Using Illegal Means To Keep NAM1 in Dubai – Stanley Kodia

In a long live video Stanley Kodia, the Ghanaian born British citizen, explained that according to his French lawyer, an Interpol Red Alert is only given when they don’t know the whereabouts of the suspect but in Nana Appiah Mensah‘s case they knew his location as he called them himself and told them but they still issued the alert after confirming his location.

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Stanley says the government of Ghana is infringing upon the right of NAM1. He stated that a suspect is supposed to be in the custody of Interpol for only 60days and nothing more but the information he has gathered indicates that Interpol has received a diplomatic order from Ghana preventing the release of Nana Appiah Mensah even though the 60days duration has elapsed.

He said he has a lot of evidence including chat, audio recordings, videos and photographs of some top government officials who are manipulating the issue and making the Menzgold customers suffer. He has promised to use all his efforts to go on a mission to unveil the truth about the Menzgold Saga and get NAM1s freedom for him. He said he is doing all this because of the numerous pain and agony the Menzgold customers are going through with government manipulating them every day with different stories.

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Stanley added that the Mangold company was never a Ponzi scheme and that the government of Ghana and anyone saying it is doesn’t really know what Ponzi scheme is. He furthermore challenged the NPP government official to face him and prove his words wrong. He said ever since the government started telling Menzgold customers it is a Ponzi scheme, they have never really explained to the general public why it is, apart from saying that the company is giving away 5% to 10% profit to its investors.

He is now embarking on a mission to expose the people behind the Menzgold collapse and why it is not a Ponzi scheme but a legit business. Citing an example of a Ponzi that happened in America some time ago, he stated that the American after discovering and arresting their suspect they educated their citizens about what Ponzi scheme is all about.


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You can watch the his video below for the full details about his revelations about the Menzgold Saga

Facebook Live Video: Ghana Govt is Using Illegal Means To Keep NAM1 in Dubai – Stanley Kodia

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Stanley Kodia had said in the above video that the way the State is handling the Menzgold case, they are discouraging entrepreneurs like himself and others from investing in their homeland Ghana and improving upon the lives of her citizens.

He made mention that the government voted NAM1 as credible and the whole world saw it but now that there’s a problem (possibly created by them), they have disassociated themselves and are even making things more difficult for him (Nana Appiah Mensah).

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