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‘Grow Up And Respect Your Age’ – Fans Reacts To Annie Idibia’s Cheating Allegations

Annie Idibia made an explosive allegation about her husband Tuface Idibia accusing him of cheating on her by sleeping with her other baby mama, Pero Adeniyi in their matrimonial home and also claimed Tuface’s family don’t love her.

This also led to a reaction by Tuface’s brother, Charly Dave who accused Annie and her mother of using ‘juju’ on Tuface and that he is dying slowly as he is unhappy in his marriage.

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More reactions continue to surface online from folks in the industry as well as some fans of hers. These netizens have opined strongly that Annie Idibia made a wrong move by bringing her marital problems to social media. Ghgossip culled some reactions below;

officialfadafada for instance wrote that Annie didn’t inform social media when she was having a luxurious life. He entreated her to grow up, respect her age and deal with the issue formally. He wrote;

Stop carrying to marital problem to social media, nobody cares about u,everybody is pretending they care about u by sweet words,handle your issues with God,family,and close friends.u need to start respecting your age.when u were enjoying all this luxurious u didnt inform social media and now u r having issues u r disturbing the whole Nigeria.woman grow up and respect your age.it rains every where,even in my house…..

assuranceday demanded the popular actress give some respect to the superstar singer because he is one of the most respected persons in the industry. She wrote;

😢😢😢😢😢😢😢Annie stop please. Don’t reply again please. Accord Tu-Baba some respect. Dude is a well respected person, please nwanyi oma😢! I pray for peace in your home. ..Hun please take everything to God in prayers❤️

vivilorenz asked whether calling out her husband had led to the resolution of the issue, he wrote:

This social media age shaaaaaa, so as you posted your personal life online now, has it been resolved ?, let’s try to make it make sense nau 🤦‍♀️

trend_galore_ also demanded that Annie leave her husband alone because he is not a baby and cannot be monitored every time.

Annie, firstly, nothing must happen to our 2baba or else you are in trouble. Why is your own brother disassociating himself from you? You claim to be protecting 2 face from his own family but yet came online to give him public disgrace. A good wife shouldn’t come between her husband and his family, that should be none of her business. Leave 2face alone to dash whoever he wants to dash money. That shouldn’t be your business Annie. Tuface is not a baby. Stop being controlling. Stop controlling tuface he his a man. You want to go everywhere with him etc. You want to monitor his movements and life.

Source; Ghgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | ‘Grow Up And Respect Your Age’ – Fans Reacts To Annie Idibia’s Cheating Allegations