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How Do You Expect Me To Play A Show In America For Less Than $5,000 – Camidoh

How Do You Expect Me To Play A Show In America For Less Than $5,000 – Camidoh

Notwithstanding his unique voice and talent, the singer, whom many have called as one of Ghana’s undervalued singers, refused to take chicken change in exchange for a chance to play outside the country.

His remark was in reaction to Kwaku Okyere Darko, who explained how an American promoter was disappointed in Camidoh’s management for concentrating on money rather than growing his image as an artiste in a Facebook post.

Kwaku Okyere Darko had written: “Had a short conversation on Clubhouse yesterday with an event Organizer in the US… he stated that George M. Britton isn’t helping Camidoh anyways. According to him, he wanted to put Camidoh on a Show and the price tag his manager placed on him couldn’t make way for @Camidoh. So, to him, he thinks George should consider certain things and just allow Camidoh grab such opportunities to build himself, get connected and shouldn’t focus much on the money involved cos he has a great future… the money involved was 20,000 Cedis,”

However, Camidoh, who appears upset, responded by writing that some promoters believe they are doing artsites a “favor” when they bill them for concerts.

justifying his managers’ conduct,he claimed that the money he turned down could not have funded any of his music videos or the investment he has made in his music.

He wrote:”Smh, so still at this stage, my manager should allow me fly across the Atlantic Ocean to do ur shows for less than $5k in the name of opportunities.. where is the value??? Check my music videos. Or shall we break down how much we spend each day in building what you are out there literally wanting for free?? Most of you guys are the reason some Ghanaian artistes struggle so much in real life. Getting a visa comes with the job and not an opportunity with regards to the business. George is indeed one of the top artiste managers i have met in my life…This business isn’t all about hit songs or controversies.. I wouldn’t want to say much but both of you need to take a second look at this thought,”

“Mr Kwaku Okyere Darko with all due respect, I’m sure u know George personally but u chose to come write up this on social media for people who don’t know much about the business to simply think George is incapable and a setback to Camidoh’s Career, whereas you decided to take out the name of your American promoter. I believe that, for our industry to grow, every individual within the value chain must learn to consider the professionalism that comes with it. I wish you and your promoter friend a Happy new year.”

Source: www.GHgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | How Do You Expect Me To Play A Show In America For Less Than $5,000 – Camidoh