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How Genevieve Pranked Me on Set of Lionheart – Jemima Osunde

Actress Jemima Osunde has eulogized senior colleague Genevieve Nnaji and shed light on her incredible character in a new interview with Ebuka on Rubbin’ Minds.

Jemima revealed that she had always thought Genevieve was strict and a disciplinarian when it comes to her professional life but all that perception changed when they ‘clashed’ for her much-touted Lionheart movie which she wrote and produced.

Here’s what Jemima said.

Speaking about Lionheart and working alongside Genevieve, Jemima Osunde said:

When I got the call for ‘Lionheart’, I thought it was a prank call. I had told the person that unfortunately, I had exams at school and I would not be able to do this project, sorry.

That was it. Then a day later, he calls back and he’s like “Oh, the executive producer said we should get your timetable, we will work with your schedule.” I was like “The hell? I said I’m not doing, is it by force?

Tell them I have exams in Lagos, you people are filming in Enugu, how do I want to do it?” Then he was like, “Oh but Miss Genevieve–” I said “Wait, what? Who? Which of the Genevieves?”

He was like, “Genevieve Nnaji, that is the owner of–“, I was like “Ohhh, you should have started with that!”. I have always wanted to work with her. Always wanted to meet her. And I think the whole experience for me was wholesome.

I went there with a perception. I thought she was very strict and nah, Genevieve was cracking jokes. I remember the day that I was supposed to catch a flight to Lagos for an exam I had the next day.

My clinical exam which if I had missed was an automatic extra year. I missed my flight. So I was sitting in Enugu on set at 7pm when I had clinical exam 8am the next day in Lagos. I was sweating, I was under pressure, and I was just like I don’t know what I’m gonna do.

Anyone who has watched Lionheart knows it’s about a transportation company. So (Genevieve) was like “Ah, should we reserve one of the drivers for Lionheart?” I was just like honey, this is not a joke. I was under pressure.

But she had sorted it out. She already had a way out for me. So it was somehow comical for her to watch me be under pressure and react not knowing what she had planned. I had the absolute best time working with her.

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | How Genevieve Pranked Me on Set of Lionheart – Jemima Osunde