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I Lost A Boyfriend But Found A Taxi Driver

I Lost A Boyfriend But Found A Taxi Driver

I Lost A Boyfriend But Found A Taxi Driver | Four months after dating, he was wondering why I didn’t visit him often. I told him it was because of work; “Work is very stressful. I get home very tired and it becomes difficult for me to go anywhere.” He would usually ask me, “How about weekends?” I will tell him, “You know I go to work on Saturdays. It means I’m only free on Sundays. I will wash. I will cook for the week. I will clean my house. By the time I get all these done, I will break down to the extent that going out would be impossible. You have to understand me. It’s not intentional.” 

There was another reason I didn’t talk about. That was the distance from my house to his house. He lived at the outskirt of town. I had to pick two taxis before I get to his place. That’s not all. When I get to his junction, I will have to pick okada before getting to his house. That made the whole journey stressful for me. But he was my boyfriend. I owed it a duty to visit him once in a while especially when he had made his intentions clear to love me to the end. One evening, I told him, “Nketiah, let’s talk about the distance to your place. It’s also one of the reasons why I don’t come here often.” He said, “Don’t worry. I will sort things out for you.”

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A day or two later, he gave me a number. He said, “Whenever you’re ready to visit me, just call this number. He’s a taxi driver. He’ll pick you up from wherever you are and bring you home.” I said, “Are you serious? I can call him at any time and he’ll come for me?” He said, “Yeah he will. He’s a very good friend of mine. When I didn’t have a car, he was the one who drove me around.” That very day I called the number. The guy who picked the phone was very soft-spoken. I said, “Nketiah gave me your number. He said you’ll pick me up.” He asked, “Where do you also live?” I gave him two places. I said, “These are the places you’ll normally pick me up from.” He said “Ok” and dropped the line.

The following Saturday, I called the driver after work. I said, “I’m at work. When can you pick me up?” He asked, “Does he know that you are visiting?” I said, “Yeah he knows. You can call and verify from him.” An hour later, he was there. Immediately I saw him, my respect for him went up. He is an old man. If I’m not exaggerating, he’ll be in his early fifties. He said, “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting for too long?” I said, “It’s ok. I understand your work.”

I sat next to him at the passengers’ seat but we said nothing to each other. When we got there, he honked. Nketiah came out and took me in. Then he turned and drove away. I asked, “Didn’t you pay him?” He said, “Don’t worry. I have a special arrangement with him. He understands.” When I was leaving the next morning, he called him to come for me and he did. Again, I sat next to him but we said nothing to each other. 

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One day I called him to come for me. He said, “I should be there in the next hour.” Later it started raining. He called to ask me, “It’s raining. Should I still come or you’ve changed your mind?” I said, “Don’t worry. I will still go.” He came. Immediately I said in the taxi, I gave him what was in my hand. I said, “I figured you might be hungry after working all day. I cooked something for you.” He looked at me as if he didn’t believe what I was saying.” I said, “Yeah, I made it for you. If you don’t enjoy it, be frank and tell me. I won’t be mad about it. You can also tell me your favorite so I cook it for you next time.”

He said, “What did you say your name is?” I said, “I’m Nyarkoah.” He said, “Nyarkoa, thank you very much for thinking about me. I haven’t tasted the food yet but judging by the fragrance it has brought into this car, it would be a sumptuous food.” He smiled. I smiled. That day we talked. He asked where I came from and I told him. I asked about his family and he told me; “A wife and five kids. The eldest is a female at the University. She’s the reason I hustle from dawn to dusk. When she completes school and gets a good job, she will be able to help the little ones behind her.” I said, “I pray your dreams come true.” When I got there, he honked. Nketiah came out. He told me, “Be careful and thank you so much.” I winked at him and left.

I dated Nketiah for over a year and still didn’t know what was in for me. Anytime I start a discussion on our future he tells me, “Where are you rushing to? Take your time. We’ll be fine.” “Nketiah, I’m not rushing. I just want to know your plans so I also prepare and meet you halfway. All he said was, “You’ll be ready when I’m ready. You have nothing to fear.” He was very good to me. He provided what I needed. I only had issues with his lack of agenda for our relationship. Apart from that, we had an almost drama-less relationship. 

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One evening, the taxi driver came for me. By this time, we had built a solid relationship to the extent that he even picked me to do my personal runs. I gave him food and I gave him a tip. Whenever he passed by my neighborhood, he would call and ask if I was home. He would stop by and say hi. He’ll eat if he is hungry. If the job wasn’t too good too, he’ll sit and watch TV for a while before leaving. I was in his car that evening when he asked me, “Are you very sure about Nketiah? You see a future with him?” I was surprised he was asking that question. It’s an area of conversation the two of us have eschewed since we met. I told him, “Yeah, he’s a kind man. He hasn’t done anything for me to suspect him of anything.” 

He sighed. He said, “I’m sorry to come into your private issues but things are not the way it seems in your eyes. It’s not in my place to talk about it but you and I are more than just a driver and his passenger so I’m going to talk to you as a friend.” I said, “No problem. Tell me what you think.” He said, “Before you came into the picture there were six other girls I was bringing here. I don’t know what happened to Adjeley. All of a sudden she stopped calling my line. Esi too, She hasn’t called me in ages. But those four girls are still in the picture. They call and I bring them here. I don’t talk to them. I don’t think they’ll even see me when they see me on the street because they don’t even look at me. You’re different. I know your heart and I know you don’t deserve to be where you are now.”

I tapped him to stop the car. “Are you serious? Why are you telling me now? It’s been close to a year already.” He said, “It took me a lot of courage to tell you today. Matters of the hearts a very delicate to handle. I’m at a point where I don’t mind what happens between me and him. You have been a better friend than he has been to me so why not?” I said, “Turn around. I’m not going there again.” He said, “Don’t take my word for it. You can also investigate to form a better opinion.”

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One afternoon he called me, ”I just sent Alice there. I don’t know what you’ll do with this information. I’m only telling you.” There was a lot on my table at the office so I couldn’t do anything about it. In the evening he called again. I went for Alice. Jacinta had called. It looks like she’ll be spending the night there.” I said, “Perfect!” 

I called Nketiah; “I’m coming around this evening. I have something to discuss with you.” He said, “Oh I didn’t know you’ll come. Why didn’t you tell me in the morning? Currently, I’m not in town. I traveled to see a job I’m doing with a friend. I will come tomorrow morning so we can meet.” I asked, “You’ve traveled and I don’t know?” He said, “Sorry I didn’t tell you. I didn’t know I will sleepover.” A few minutes later, The taxi driver called me. He was laughing. He said, “He just called to warn me not to bring you this evening.” I said, “Come around 10pm. I will go there.”  

Around 11pm I was at his door. His car was parked in front of the house. I knocked, he didn’t respond. I kept knocking until he screamed from the inside, “Who is that and what do you want at this time?” I said, “This is Nyarkoa. Please open the door.” He sent me a text message. “My boss and his girlfriend are lodging here. They want some privacy. Yes, I lied about my traveling. They are here so I can’t let you in.”  I didn’t respond. I kept knocking and knocking until he got frustrated and came to open the door. He screamed, “You can’t come in, don’t you get it?” I said, “I know there’s a girl in your bed right now. I’ve been reading your messages and going through your calls. You think I don’t know?” 

How did you know my password? 

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I saw the girl coming out with a cloth around her chest. I screamed, “Jacinta, Please let me see you.” He was shocked. He said, “How did you know her name?” I said, “I’ve been reading your messages, remember?” He told the girl not to come out but she did. I said, “You’re not the only one who sleeps in his bed. There are currently six of us. I read his chats and knew you’ll be coming around.” He screamed, “Don’t mind her. She’s just an angry ex trying to destroy us.” I said, “Thank you for letting me know my place. I’m an ex. Thank you.”

I don’t know what happened after I’d gone but the taxi driver called telling me Jacinta called him later to go for her. I thanked him for the revelation. He said, “Knowing the truth will set you free. Now, look for the one who will treasure you.” Two months later, Nketiah still calls me telling me I’m the one he truly loved so I should forget about everything and let’s love again. 

When we were dating, he came to my house only once but since I caught him, he had been in my house more than ten times. I’m not going back and he knows. Now he tells me, “Ok, let’s be friends. You’ll see the change and decide for yourself.” I don’t want his friendship but I’m glad he brought that taxi driver my way. He still drives me around. He still gives me advice like a father would give to his daughter. That, I appreciate more than running back into NKetiah’s arms. 


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