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I’ve Now Identified My Problem, Forgive Me Ghana- Funny Face Breaks Down On Live TV

I’ve Now Identified My Problem, Forgive Me Ghana- Funny Face Breaks Down On Live TV

Funny Face has asked Ghanaians to forgive him for ‘going mad’ promising never to walk on this nuisance path ever again.

He hopped into the studios of Kofi TV and was hosted by award-winning Ghanaian journalist Kofi Adoma Nwanwani where he apologized to Ghanaians after which he extended his profound apology to Bola Ray, Adebayor and Fadda Dickson for raining insults on them.

Hours ago, he shared a disturbing note on social media amidst instructions to his sister on how to distribute his properties to his three daughters.

In what looks like a deteriorating state of his mental faculties after he slumped into new bouts of depression followed by a viral video where he was seen slamming Bola Ray, Fadda Dickson, and Emmanuel Adebayor- three of the most influential people in his life, Funny Face shared the post as readies to join his ancestors.

The self-proclaimed Kasoa VanDamme was also spotted in a separate video saying he would physically beat up Kalybos, Bismark the Joke, and Lilwin in order to ultimately settle scores he has with them once and for all.

He then left what has now been interpreted as a suicide note and we guess if help doesn’t reach him swiftly, he could kill himself in the next few minutes as he has been threatening over the last couple of hours.

In one of his newly released vituperative videos, Funny Face revealed how actor James Gardiner slept with his baby mama Vanessa and recorded it without her knowledge, the video of which he circulated amongst his friends.

He also revealed how Bismark the Joke used to sleep with his potential wife and laughed behind him. Hours before he dropped these allegations, the actor and comedian slammed his old-time friend and benefactor Emmanuel Adebayor in a shocking twist that adds another depth to the issues eating up his brains.

In another video which is still causing massive waves on the internet, Funny Face bit the hands that have been feeding him all this while saying: “Adebayor, for unfollowing me, F**k you. A friend stick to a friend no matter what. You spoke to me and I didn’t hear so what? Nigga, f**k you”, Funny Face fired.

He then attacked the CEO of EIB Network, Bola Ray for terminating his contract at Kasapa FM where he used to work even though he had done a lot of work on EIB’s Starr FM earlier.

Moreover, he launched a scathing attack on Fadda Dickson for siding with his baby mama Vanessa instead of listening to his side of the story when he recently had an accident.

SOURCE: www.Ghgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | I’ve Now Identified My Problem, Forgive Me Ghana- Funny Face Breaks Down On Live TV