We already made mention of Sarri’s departure from the Chelsea Football Club this summer in an earlier post. After leaving Chelsea, Sarri takes charge of Juventus Football Club and is now the head coach for the Bianconeri side after spending a year in England.

– Juventus Welcomes Sarri to Their Club

– Sarri Leaves Chelsea For Juventus

– Sari is the new coach for Juventus

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Juventus has shown their happiness to receive Maurizio Sarri as their new coach this summer. His three-year contract penned to Juventus begins on 16th June 2019 and end on 30th June 2022 according to the Juventus Official Website.

Now, Maurizio Sarri has returned to Italy, where he has coached for the majority of his career. And from today, he will take over the reins at Juventus with a contract until June 30, 2022.

– Juventus Official Website

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The 60 years old Sarri was born in Naples but spent many years living in Tuscany. In 2001, after spending several years in the football arena, he began his career as a full-time coach in football coaching.


Sarri has achieved a lot in his career as a full-time coach in football coaching. The Neapolitan team reached 82, 86 and 91 points, from 2015 to 2018: Each seasonal better than their previous Serie A record for the Club. Out of three seasons, Napoli for two seasons avoided the preliminary qualification to the Champions League and made their way straight into the group stages.

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Sarri lifted high his first ever European Trophy with Chelsea Football Club in the 2018/2019 season. He has left remarkable effects on every single team he has handle in his career.

Juventus describes Sarri as a result oriented coach as they highlighted his achievements over his years of coaching experience. They welcome him and also set it straight the adventure as a coach begin for him nowin Turin.

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