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List Of Owusu Bempah’s Coded Prophecies Following Police Caution

General Overseer of Glorious Word Power Ministry International, Reverend Owusu Bempah has begged with his congregation to accept a coded prophesy for this year following the caution by the Ghana Police.

One of the important days for most religious leaders is on the 31st of December. On the 31st Night, most prophets give prophecies to cross over into the new year each year.

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“God bless you for waiting. In due time, God will allow us to speak clearly on issues. Today is for wise and proverbial sayings, so let’s take it like that. “As a man of God and as revealed to me by God, I have to do my master’s bidding. All I told you proverbially pray about it as you understand it and let’s pray for divine intervention,” he added.

Prayer for Parliament

We need to remember them in prayers.

Escalating tribal conflict

Two tribes with serious disagreements were revealed to him and the spat became a public issue and military intervention was required. We need to pray about it”.

Prayers for Asanteman

I saw darkness over Asanteman, I will pray that God intervenes

Prayer for people living along the coast

“We will pray for people living along the coast. I saw a man who was in the shape of water and he had walked to places inhabited by people. When he was going back, he went along with some people from the living world. “We will pray water does not invade people,” he added

A religious leader who traveled and never return

“I saw a religious leader traveling, when he went he stayed on and delayed for so long and I saw nothing more about him. Prayers must go on,” he stated.

A Big musician will get into trouble

“I saw a popular musician who is well respected and largely followed, lose his hair and I saw his bare head. He lost all his hair. We will pray for prominent musicians,” he added.

Combative Kangaroos in Security uniforms

“I also saw a kangaroo wearing military attire and another in police attire fighting and all trees around were in commotion. Trees were trying to intervene but it was impossible, even after a leader tried to intervene and it came down a bit. Let’s pray if not, Kangaroo in Military and police attire will clash”.

Sleigh drawn by horses and donkeys crash

“I saw donkeys, horses and sleighs going at speed. The street before them rose and they entered a ditch. What emerged was bad.

Encounter with silent destructive darkness

“I saw darkness walking and I asked where it was going and it discarded me. It refused to answer me, ‘darkness stop, what are you doing,’ it refused to respond. “I saw darkness go and stand at a big house and cover it with its hands, whiles rising, I heard shouts and screams in the house all subsequent questions, it refused and left the land of the living. I didn’t see it again.

In his closing remarks, he stated: “2022, if you walk well with God, you will be blessed. There will be marriage, which means the end time is almost here. The Bible says women will be given in marriage. Take good care of yourselves.”

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