Mark Angel Comedy has released yet another rib-cracking episode of their weekly short comedy skits. This episode can be referred to as Army Commander 2 even though its original title is “Legit Business”. – Mark Angel Comedy Episode 212 – Legit Business

This episode features Auntie Success, Uncle Mark Angel himself, Uncle K Brown, Papa Success, and Emmanuella, the clown herself.

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The first scene starts with Emmanuel crying in a room whiles Auntie Success consoles her. She was with “their” fat lady (i can’t remember her name sha), Papa Success, and Uncle K Brown. they were contributing money for the “burial” of Uncle Mark.

Uncle K Brown now ask Emmanuella what actually happen and how he died; that’s when the real drama began. Emmanuella narrated how one day her uncle came out shouting that they are rich and running towards a group of army men on duty. He now told the army commander that he has a business for them that can earn his N#20 Million Niara. He added that it was a legit business and that they will shortly be rich.

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Uncle Mark Angel then request to slap give the army commander two hot slaps so that he can transfer the N#20 Million Naira to him; that was the business he was talking about. At first, the army commander hesitated but Uncle Mark went on to persuade him to which he finally agreed.


The next thing Uncle Mark Angel did was give the army commander two hot slaps he couldn’t stand (a whole army commander), after which the army commander requested for the N#20 million naira he promised. Uncle Mark now started to explain that it was on Facebook that someone wrote that he would give anybody that could slap an army commander N#50 million. Guess what happened next the rest was history.

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Back to where they were contributing money for Uncle Mark burial, Emmanuella now went out (I don’t know what she went out for), she the met an army officer approaching with Uncle Mark and guess what Emmanuella said to him. Watch the full video below to crack your ribs.

Watch Mark Angel Comedy Episode 212 – Legit Business

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