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Marriage Cannot Survive On Love Alone- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has dished out a word of advice to bachelors and spinsters looking to walk down the aisle in a nice fashion to declare their commitment of marriage to each other.

According to him, love alone cannot make a marriage survive since there are other factors that comes into play when two people decide to tie the knot.

He explained that aside love, money, accommodation, and maturity comes in so those things need to be also looked at before marriage.

He wrote: A marriage cannot survive on love alone. You need money, accommodation and maturity. It is only animals that have children and then look for how to feed them. As a human being, you are supposed to prepare and marry, not marry and prepare. Love is good. But love does not pay the bills. And where the bills are not paid, love begins to fade, gradually, until it turns to something you do not recognise. You see, there is a thin line between love and hate. That is when you will greet your wife good morning, and she will ask you ‘what is good about the morning?’

See reactions gathered from the post:

khaledchidoo: Hmmm no be lie oo I swear e dey play e dey show😂😂😂 raw truth I don’t believe love ooo

oluakinolu: Love is not enough to sustain a marriage! Everyman should not be carried away, you earn your respect and the wife become more submissive when the man pays the bills, women are naturally materialistic, everyman should be more industrious and ensure you talk less but dominate by providing all your family need, that is what will earn you the respect, love is not enough to survive msrriage, don’t marry when you are not stable, financial and mental status is another factor that matter in marriage

rawl_202: Funny how ladies would agree with this 💯 % but won’t agree with other things 😂 😂 😂 😂

dollyrasaq: Louder please…. I wish some parents can see this…

rapsino: What is good about the morning caught me

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Marriage Cannot Survive On Love Alone- Reno Omokri