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Mjority Of Ghanaians Are Primitive – Abeiku Santana Speaks The Hard Truth (Video)

Presenter Abeiku Santana has spoken the hard truth about Ghanaians being primitive as he goes hard on fair skin ladies who disrespect because of their complexion and others.

Abeiku Santana on his show on Okay FM decided to get some things off his chest with the primitive thinking of most Ghanaians going hard on ladies who think they are very beautiful than anyone because of their complexion.

According to him, it’s only in Ghana that a lady with fair skin thinks she’s beautiful than the one with dark skin and doesn’t respect because of her skin color or complexion when there are other ladies more beautiful than them.

He also touched on how people are treated here in Ghana based on the car they drive and how they dress to a shop or an occasion when most of those who show off are just borrowing what they are showing off.

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Abeiku Santana added that it’s only in Ghana that someone in a suit and a car is treated better than the one who wore an ordinary shirt or verse but then the person with the car is yet to pay for the car he/she is showing off with.

This is something that has been going on in Ghana for a while and Abeiku Santana has gathered the courage to talk about it shows us that it’s because most Ghanaians are primitive when the world is moving ahead.

video below;

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