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‘Money Sweet Pass Food”-Fameye Makes Boastful Claims

‘Money Sweet Pass Food”-Fameye Makes Boastful Claims

Ghanaian Highlife musician, Peter Fameyeh Bozah, affectionately known as Fameye has made boastful claims on his social media, saying he would prefer to enjoy money than to enjoy food.

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It is expected of everyone to make and enjoy money to the fullest. Claims about money being the root of all evil have been disproved by money as people are ever willing to do the nastiest things for money.

Yes! one should love money because it is the way the world lets you know you are on the right path. It’s normal to want to be loved but you can’t get the love that you’re seeking simply by making a bunch of money. Financial success is admirable, and it’s even very important to try to be financially secure.

On the other hand, there are obvious reasons to love food. Food keeps you alive, satisfied, and also brings people together.  A mutual love of food can bring different people together and can make the saddest person feel a little better without even meaning to.

Well, Fameye, a Ghanaian musician has stated his preference when it comes to the above-mentioned, saying enjoying wealth is better than enjoying delicious meals. He made this claim on the microblogging platform, Twitter.

See the tweet below:

Source: Ghgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | ‘Money Sweet Pass Food”-Fameye Makes Boastful Claims