This is a Catholic Church Built With Over 70,000 Real Human Skeletons (Photos)

The Sedlec Ossuary 

is a small chapel in a suburb in the Czech Republic. The bone chilling chandeliers (made from every bone in the human body), skull lined arches and pyramids are made from 40,000-70,000 skeletons.

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A half blind monk stacked the bones into pyramids in 1511, but woodcarver Frantisek Rint was commissioned by the Schwarzenberg family to redesign the bones 1870. Rint also designed the Schwarzenberg coat of arms near the entrance.

This sparked a discussion because the Catholic Priest unbroken spinning the same old stereotype tales of formality cash, Human flesh feeding and idol go to by my Abiriba folks.

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I was uncomfortable, however he went on to narrate however he once traveled to eject associate degree abandoned haunted house in Abiriba and the way he found human skulls in a very shrine within the aforesaid house.

I in a well mannered way responded that there’s nothing evil concerning having human skulls, tho’ it perhaps a criminal offense. I went any to suggests that the Catholic Church to that the Priest is an envoy has additional fetish and mawkish attachment to human skulls than any cluster and culture in human history.

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To this my Principal, his shopper and also the Priest became upset and asked Maine to clarify (prove) my statement.

This is wherever my information from the book “The Black Art” came to play…



There area unit several Catholic Churches across Europe, that were designed or embellished with human bones and skulls.

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The Bone Chapel or “Sedlec Ossuary” because it is additional popularly celebrated could be a Catholic Church designed by Catholic Monks and clergymen with the bones of victims of the bubonic plague (Bubonic Plague).

Some students believe that the Chapel of Bones was designed with seventy, 40,000 to 70,000 human bones, and was designed supported verses from a secret book written within the year 1230 by a monk of a secret cluster of clergymen referred to as the “ Black Monks”.

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As expected, none of them believed Maine, till we have a tendency to hunted for the Catholic Chapel of Bones on net.

Inside the Chapel of Bones or “Macabre Bone Church”; the a part of the alter wherever a Priest places his Bible and Hymn book throughout Mass is formed just about} 700 bones consisting of virtually all the bones in one physical body.

The Sedlec receptacle is found in Kutna Hora in today’s European nation. you will surprise if the English word “ Horror” came from “Kutná Hora”

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See Below for more photos of the Catholic Chapel buit with human bones:

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