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My Girlfriend And The Sugar Mommy Who Wanted Everything For Herself

My Girlfriend And The Sugar Mommy Who Wanted Everything For Herself

My Girlfriend And The Sugar Mommy: I dated Julie from level 300 until we completed the university. After service, things became very hard for both of us. She was a good girl and didn’t deserve a broke guy like me. Because of her, I roam the street of Accra every day looking for a job so I could continue being her boyfriend. Having a beautiful girl as a girlfriend is a full-time job. Every man wants her and you know it, so you do all you can to ensure that she’s always in love with you.

How I Met My Girlfriend Julie

We were both searching for a job but she had plenty of men trying to ask her out every day. Some promised her a job and others wanted to take her on a fancy date. She told me everything. It was something I should have been happy about but it kept me worried. I thought, “One day one day, she’ll fall for one of these guys and that would be the end of us.” I doubled up on the job search but nothing happened.

One afternoon, my friend Andrews called to ask if I would be available for chilling that Friday night. I told him, “As far as you’re paying, I don’t have a problem. He said, “I can pay for one so if you’re not coming with Julie, then I can pay for you.” He knew me well enough to know that I would never go out without my girl on my side. I told him, “No problem, I will be around.”

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Friday night around 8pm, he came for me. It was supposed to be a house party for the mother of Andrews’s colleague at work. We were seated at a table when two women came around. One asked, “Are you alone on this table, or the chairs are occupied?” I said, “No, we are only two here.” They sat next to us. The food started coming in. Andrews’s colleague came to call him. These women started talking to me. The one next to me asked, “Are you related to Madam Bertha?” I said, “I don’t know who that is but I came here with a friend who is a friend to the family.”

These two women kept the conversation going among themselves and once in a while they’ll involve me. The woman next to me asked, “What’s your name and where do you work?” I told her my name. I said, “I completed school not too long ago and I’m still in the job market looking for a job.” She looked surprised. She asked, “So how do you survive?” I said, “Currently I live with my parents so they help out.” The conversation turned into the current affairs of the country and how our leaders don’t think and how sad it was to go through life without a job.

My Girlfriend And The Sugar Mommy

She said, “I’m Priscilla. Here’s my card. Call me on Monday 8am and let me see what I can do to help.” I thank her profusely. I said, “Thanks so much, Aunt Priscilla. If you help me get a job I will owe you a lot in life.” She frowned. She said, “I told you my name is Priscilla and you decided to add Aunt to it. What’s wrong with you guys these days?”

That night I called Julie telling her how I met a kindhearted woman who had agreed to help me get a job. She said, “I will add prayers to it so she helps.”

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I called Monday morning. She showed me her workplace and asked me to come around the next morning. The next morning, I was there before the office opened. hours later I was in ushered into her office. Huge beautiful office. She said, “Do you know how to drive?” I said, “Yes, I’ve been an Uber driver before.” She said, “Great. You’ll be my driver now until something comes up.” I asked, “When do I start?” She said, “If you came with your license, then you can start today.”

I called Julie. I told her, “I have a job now. I’m her personal assistant. She said I should serve in that capacity until something comes up.” She was so happy she couldn’t talk. She said, “Come home lets’ celebrate.”

The next day, I started my work as her driver. When I went to her office and she saw me she said, “You can’t dress like this as my driver. There are high-profile places we’ll go. You don’t need to look like a driver. Dress like a business executive. Do you have a suit?” I shook my head. She said, “Sit at the reception and wait for me.” I sat there from morning till 5pm before she came out. She said, “Follow me.” I was supposed to be her driver but I didn’t drive that day. She drove me straight to a shop where they sell men’s cloth. She said, “Pick three suits and shoes to match. I’ll deduct it from your salary.” I looked at her. She said, “Feel free.”

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My salary was going to pay for it so I checked the price tag before picking them. All of them were expensive. From GHC1000 upwards. I went back to her and asked, “Priscilla, please how much is my salary?” She said, “I haven’t decided on your salary yet. Just pick and let’s go. If it’s beyond your salary, I’ll let accounts deduct in batches.” I picked three suits and shoes. The whole thing was around GHC3,500. She paid without breaking a sweat. I asked, “This will take me like one year to pay, right.” She laughed. She said, “So you believe I will take you to a shop of my choice and ask you to pay for it? These are on me so relax.”

I screamed in my head, “Damn it, I should have picked the Gucci suit and shoes.” I laughed and said my thank you. She drove me to a place where I can get a car home and bade me goodbye. I called Julie, “You can’t imagine what my madam just did?” When I told her what happened, she was shocked. She said, “That’s very kind of her. She must like you enough to buy all that for you.”

It was around 9pm when I saw her call on my phone. She said, “Come home, there’s a place I need to go. I hate night driving so this will be your first test on the road.” I was like, “I should come now?” She said, “You heard me. And you better look your best.”

When I sat next to her in the driving seat she said, “You’re my boyfriend where we are going. Act mature. Behave as you own me. Be the man.” I was confused. She asked, “Do you hear me? I said, “Yes, I will try.” She said, “You’re not going to try. You’re going to get it right.” When we got there, the first person we met was the woman she came to the party with the other time. She looked at me and smiled. She said, “I knew he’ll be a good boy.”

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Every step of the way, she dictated what I should do. “Hold my waist.” “Pull me to your side” “Hold my hand and take me out.” “When the waiter comes, order this drink.” After everything, she said, “Pick the money in my bag and settle the bills.” When I drove her back home, it was around 12am. She said, “You did very well today. Keep the rest of the money.” I counted. It was GHC2,500.” The next morning, I called Julie. I told her, “I have a surprise for you. Let me see you before I go to work.” I placed GHC1,500 in an envelope and gave it to her. Her eyes lit up. She jumped. She asked, “Your madam gave it to you?” I said, “Salary advance.”

I was only two weeks on the job when she said, “We are dating, are you aware?” I said, “Yes I’m aware.” A lot had happened for me to know the direction we were headed. She hadn’t said it but I knew it. I spent one weekend with her and she treated me like a royal. Good food. Good drinks. Beautiful massage that got me sleeping all day, and when I was leaving on Sunday evening, she gave me cash. She said, “Take the week off. I’ll call only when I need you.”

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She said I should take the week off but she called each evening asking me to come around which I did. One night she asked me, “You have a girlfriend, right?” I said, “Yes.” She said, “So who are you going to choose now, me or her?” I didn’t think it would come to that but she insisted on an answer. I said, “I will choose you over her any day.” She said, “Go and leave her.” I said, “It will take some time.” She said, “Take all the time you need but make sure the month wouldn’t end with you two together.”

I started looking for a new job. Maybe she suspected something so she also kept the surveillance very tight on me. She could come to my house unannounced at any time. She asked me to leave my parent’s place so she could rent a place for me. Everything she said was an order. I knew I had to act fast. One day she asked me, “Are you still with her?” I said, “No we are over.” She said, “Give me your phone.” I did. “What’s the password?” I gave it to her. What’s your girl’s name?” I told her. She went through my phone and read everything. She said, “You think you can fool me? You won’t take care of her with my money. Leave here and come no more.”

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I pleaded for more time but she wasn’t ready to hear from me. She sacked me from her house and even threatened that the next time she sees me around her place, she’ll arrest me. One week later she called. She said, “I need a driver, are you available?” I went to her house and it turned out that the kind of driver she needed wasn’t the one who will drive her car but the one who will drive her. After everything that night, she said, “I understand it’s difficult for you to leave her but don’t let her come between us. You have to be with me whenever and wherever.” I said, “No problem.”

I dated her for almost a year and later found a new job in Koforidua. I left without saying goodbye to her. She called my line for several days and I didn’t pick. My dad called one day to tell me a woman came to ask of me and he told her I’m working in Koforidua. I think that was the point she decided to stop pursuing me.

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The job I was doing wasn’t paying that well but it was ok. I had enough money saved from my work as a driver. Julie too was working so she didn’t demand a lot from me. Life was good. One weekend Julie came to visit me in Koforidua. In the night, I decided to check her phone and see if she was being a good girl while I was away. That was the hardest heartbreak I’d ever experienced in my life. I nearly went mad when I read the messages between her and a guy she had named Gregory.

There were nudes exchanged. There were discussions on sex and where they had it the last time. Even that night when she was with me, she was busily talking to the boy, and telling him how much she had missed him. I woke tapped her to wake up. I asked, “Who is Gregory?” She lied until she later told me the truth and started apologizing. I was so hurt, I picked my phone and called Priscilla. Surprisingly, she was calm with me. She said, “How may I help you?” I said, “I miss you.” She said, “Then look for me. You know where to find me.”

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The cut was too deep to forgive. I let Julie go but I was also scared to go back to Priscilla. Her calm got me intimidated so I never picked her calls again. Do I regret anything? Yes. I regret ever trusting a woman too deep for her to hurt me like the way Julie did. I’ve learned my lessons. If anything, I’m the one who hurt Priscilla but she was a better person to me than Julie ever was.


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