In a typical African home, a conversation around sex is a taboo and it’s highly abhorred. Parents find it extremely hard holding a conversation with their adolescents around sexuality even when they know that their children are practising sex.

The African culture and tradition married with foreign religious values have compounded the problem. It’s believed that talking to your children about sex will make them promiscuous when they grow up. To avoid this, the topic is totally banned in the home.

Study has proven that parents who hold conversations with their children on the topic of sexual and reproductive health, tend to have children who grow up knowing how to be responsible when it comes to engaging in sexual activities.


In light of the loud silence on the topic, Ghanaian actress, Lydia Forson, asked on her twitter handle to find out whether the topic is been discussed in the various homes. She tweeted: “How many of you had your parents sit you down and have the sex talk with you?”

Responding to the question, Ghanaian actress, Efia Odo revealed that she had the chance of holding such a conversation with her parents only when she lost her virginity. “Had the talk after I broke my virginity. It wasn’t even a talk… it was a whole bunch of insults”, she wrote.


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