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Never Buy Things Based On Your Emotions If You Wan’t To Be Wealthy- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri has doled out some word of advice on how people can make and retain their money without any hussle.

Reno explained that impulse buying should be avoided at the very least if you want to be wealthy in the future. He opined that money should be saved and invested first before the surplus is spent on basic necessities.

He listed out some key things fans are supposed to follow to make wise investments about their money.

He wrote: Wise Rules For Making Purchases

Stop buying things based on emotions. That is why the top 1% of the world are richer than the remaining 99% (Google it!). While the 1% invest first and consume last, the 99% consume first and invest later. It is why the rich get richer, and the poor get poorer. It is in your money habits!

Rule 1: I don’t want it but I need it-BUY IT

Rule 2: I don’t need it but I want it-DONT BUY except you have disposable income

Rule 3: I don’t want it or need it, but others do and they are willing to pay me to provide it for them-BUY IT! That is an investment.

These rules look simple, and they are, but if you follow them, you will simply be successful.

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ayodejavu__: This man is really so intelligent I come here everyday to learn.. and even I give my girlfriend the illustration of the difference between needs,want, choice, scale of preference and opportunity cost everytime

loner_xx.xx: Olaburuku say you be asylum for USA😂😂 asylum dey travel like bird 🐦.

sylvia.patrick09: Looks simple but somehow difficult to apply. Thank you sir

vintage___lifestyle: Valid ✔️

debbizscents: Thank you

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