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Never Compare Your Kids With Other People’s Kids- Reno Omokri

Former Nigerian presidential aide, Reno Omokri has urged parents to avoid the pit fall of comparing their kids with other children.

The author made this known in a recent post he made on his social media handle on the popular social media platform, Instagram.

According to him, it is not wise to compare children with others because it breeds inferiority and unhealthy rivalry.

He captioned his post as: See your mate is the worst thing to say to a child. It breeds inferiority and unhealthy rivalry. Nobody is your mate. Job said “Naked I came from my mother’s womb, And naked shall I return”-Job 1:21. Prisons are full of children who tried to be like their mates! Saying ‘see your mate’ to children is what is driving the get rich at any cost syndrome in our communities. And nothing is off limits. Many of our young girls now go after married older men because they want to keep up with their mates. And it all starts from the home. We need a moral revolution in our families

The post got some comments and some of the comments are;

imattzdesigns: You said it all sir Reno👏👏,So instead of trying to fit your child into a certain standard and comparing him against others, make an effort to see his strengths. Only then can you know who he truly is, and what he needs in order to grow.❤️

erefola7830: Thank you sir, God bless you

coachhenry_1: “See your mate” is a common word used among African parents especially the poor ones. Mounting unnecessary pressure towards their children 🙄

amyirechi: So true sir. Thank you so much

joeunawu: Couldn’t agree less!

lafaceforreal: I almost fell victim to the ‘see your mate’ accusation by my mom… In my case it was ‘see your brother’. Thank God we remain friends with my brother to this day. Others would be enemies.

chukwumacben: On point. This statement see your mates has been causing serious problems here in the east. Most guys trying to be like their mates ends up in prisons or even dead.

edwinjagbade: This is nothing but the truth undiluted and aptly explains why we such moral decadence in our society today. In fact, such act deprives the child of ideas and initiatives because he’s compelled to think and act like the one he’s being compared with

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