Many Ghanaian do not have enough education about bail procedures, its dos and don’ts. This has lead to the Ghana Police Watch taken it upon themselves a challenge to launch a campaign to educate the Ghanaian populace about bail. They added that bail is free and not to be paid for. – Never Pay For Bail, It Free – Ghana Police Watch


NOTE: Bail is free so If any Police Officer request money from you for Bail contact PIPS on 030 266 4611

It’s very common for people who are charged with a crime to get bail. This means the accused person is released until the court case starts, but they have to follow rules (called ‘conditions’) made by the court.

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Some common rules for being on bail are: agreeing to come to court when the case starts

1 Not contacting you or other witnesses

2 Having counseling or medical treatment

3 Living at a particular address

4 Regularly reporting to a police station.

5 If the accused person doesn’t follow the rules, bail can be taken away. The police may apply to the court to take away bail and will return the accused person to custody.

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Never Pay For Bail, It Free – Ghana Police Watch


The accused person won’t get bail automatically, they have to apply for it. They can apply for bail at any stage between being charged with committing the crime and the date that the case goes to court. If they don’t get bail the first time, they can apply again. They must show the court that there are new facts and circumstances since the first time they applied.


Before granting bail, the court should consider how you feel about the accused person being released. If you’re worried that the accused person may threaten or harm you or your family if they are released on bail, talk to the police investigator as soon as possible before bail is granted.

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The police investigator should tell you:

  1. if the person accused of committing the crime against you is released on bail
  2. any conditions that protect you or your family from the accused person.
    You have to tell the police investigator for the case that you want to get this information.

Even if the person has confessed to the police that they committed the crime, they can still be released on bail. This is because the law in Ghana says that people are innocent until they are proven guilty at court.

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Bail may be refused if the police or the courts believe that there is an unacceptable risk that the accused person might:

  1. not appear in court
  2. commit further offenses while on bail
  3. endanger the safety or welfare of the public
  4. interfere with witnesses for the court case.

The Ghana Police Watch has lately been campaigning on about bail so that the citizens would understand what do and what not to do the measures to take when a police officer requests you to pay for bail.

Say No to Bail Fee and Report Any Demand For MOey Before Bail by Contacting PIPS on 030 266 4611

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