YOLO Actress Etty Bedi Leaked Video

The much talked about ‘atopa’ video of Yolo star, Etty Bedi has finally found its way into the social media sphere but it’s not your regular ‘atopa’ video. Even though there have been a lot of arguments already about the video, we have decided to let you watch the video and judge for yourself.

Kelvyn Boy Opens Up About Stonebwoy "Sacking" Him

Recently the management of Burniton Music Group issued a press release which states that they have part ways with the “Mea” hitmaker, Kelvyn Boy. In their press release, it was stated that they no longer have any relation in terms of business with Kelvyn Boy and any entity that deal with them in the name of Burniton Music does that at their own risk.

History: Here Is Why All Ewes Are Proud To Be Called Number 9

In Ghana, it is very common to hear an Ewe man or woman referring to or being referred to as “Ayigbe Number 9”, sometimes “Number 9” for short. Many people including you have been wondering why the “Ayigbe” people are so-called. Even though there’s a history behind that name, some indigenous “Ewe” people do not even know about it. I am going to give you a brief history about how the title “Number 9” or “Ayigbe Number 9” came into existence.

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