Video: I’m Now Matured In Acting And Not Scared of The Camera Anymore – Fella Makafui | Fella Makafui talks about her journey to fame with YOLO TV Series. How she became a part of it and through who she got the chance to go for YOLO Auditions. She tells us in details how she knew she won’t go far if she stayed in her village after she completed high school.

According to Fella Makafui popularly know by many YOLO fans as Serwaa, she is a young woman of 22years old. She came from a village in the Volta Region of Ghana known as Afegah Agorgorme. As a young girl with ambitions, she came to the nation’s capital in search of greener pastures after her secondary school education (High School). She is now an actress and also a student.

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From Fella’s own words, she was introduced to Ivan Quashigah, the producer of YOLO TV Series by a male friend. She said she had earlier on talked to him (her male friend she met on social media) about some of the things she is capable of doing which includes acting. So she went for the auditions of the first edition of YOLO TV Series and fortunately for her she passed the audition and that was how she became a part of the YOLO Series.

She also made mention that way back in her high school days, she was the entertainment prefect and also the drama troop president.

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Her first-ever professional acting and appearance on screen was on YOLO, where she played the role of a bread seller, a young naive village girl who came to the city to search for a better life. According to Fella Makafui, she wasn’t actually happy when she was given the “Serwaa” character because she was expecting something different. She had to play the role because she has no choice.

According to the “bread seller, Serwaa” her first appearance on set was dull because she was not feeling well that day. She was nervous and a little bit of shy but was still able to play the role of the “Serwaa” character successfully.

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Acting is a continues process. The more you act, the more you become perfect. I’m now matured in acting and not scared of the camera anymore.

– Fella Makafui.

Fella says acting is a continues process and that the more you act, the more you become perfect in it. According to her she is now matured in acting and could even start acting immediately she’s woken from sleep.

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On YOLO-Out, Fella Makafui talks about how her character “Serwaa” in the YOLO TV Series has influenced the lives of so many people. According to her, she has received a lot of overwhelming comments about the “Serwaa” role she played in YOLO.

“Serwaa” has 3 advice for the youth; 1. That they should believe in their dreams, 2. That they should never give up, 3. That they should be prayerful, and 4. That they should stay focused.

I’m Now Matured In Acting And Not Scared of The Camera Anymore – Fella Makafui

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