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Omoyele Sowore Assaulted At Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial (Video)

Human rights activist, Omoyele Sowore has been assaulted by some hoodlums in the presence of DSS officers as he went to witness the trial of the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu.

The security officers refused to let Sowore into the courtroom. However, while he was still speaking with the security guards, a group of around 20 boys approached him.

In the midst of the commotion, their presence was conspicuous due to their disheveled appearance.

It was obvious that the folks were there to cause disturbance. But, to everyone’s amazement, the security agents remained silent.

The alleged hoodlums attacked Sowore right away, slapping and hitting him. To everyone’s surprise, the security agents just stood there and watched, but after shouts from the audience, they interfered and held Sowore back.

The hoodlums, alas, fled without being captured by security agents after attacking Sowore.

Before the incident, Sowore said: “A court room is not complete except people are there to witness proceedings. I want to sit right in front of the judge and witness it all.

“They have assured us that Kanu will get justice. He is my friend and I should be here. But the security agencies are still not allowing me in.”

Following the incident with the hoodlums, security personnel became violent and assaulted everyone, including journalists. They swung sticks at some reporters and shoved others.

Security personnel threatened to damage the cameras of journalists and others who were filming the incident. Some folks were even compelled to delete their videos and images.

Except for a few journalists who refused to leave, they drove everyone away from the courts’ proximity. They remained angry and threatened even after identifying themselves as journalists.

Source; Ghgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Omoyele Sowore Assaulted At Nnamdi Kanu’s Trial (Video)