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Once You Sent TT’s Audio Out, You’re the Leaker – Afia Schwar Fires MzGee (WATCH)

MzGee has been lambasted by Afia Schwarzenegger for sharing the audio of Psalm Adjeteyfio crying for ‘leftovers.’

MzGee was furious earlier this week after the recording was leaked and people blamed her.

TT, as the actor is called, had forwarded the recording to MzGee, pleading for additional help. The next thing anyone knew, the audio was becoming viral across the United States.

MzGee took the brunt of the blame, claiming that she did not release the information.
She slammed people who claimed she leaked it and prayed to God to protect her from the defamation.

Afia Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, has weighed in and stated unequivocally that MzGee leaked the audio regardless.

MzGee maintains that she did not make it public. The fact that she shared it with anyone, according to Afia Schwar, is the true ‘leaking.’

She had already released it once she had given it out as she has no influence over what the people she sent it to will do with it.

MzGee’s delivering the recording to her husband, according to Afia, was the ‘leak,’ and she can’t get away from what she’s committed.

see some reactions gathered from the post

dodobajewellery: You are right my sister. TT was looking underneath women panties when he was young… Obra

awura_adjoa_gold: Asem no nyinaa na waka no😍😍😍

serwaah.xx_: I was actually waiting for this…. everything has be summed up here🙌❤️

yoomley_ningoyo: 😂😂😂 Exactly no one owes him foko.. Not as if he worked for free… Uncle Tee rest!!!

akua_woodapril: He can do a lot with what he has received. But niagga man is going about saying who gave and who didn’t give Boi333 .

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Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Once You Sent TT’s Audio Out, You’re the Leaker – Afia Schwar Fires MzGee (WATCH)