Prices For Rams During The Eid Season | Every year Muslims around the world fast and pray to strengthen their spirituality. The Eid prayers which follow a celebration are of two types; the Eid-ul-Fitr which is observed at the end of Ramadan and the Eid-ul-Adha, which is also observed a few months after Ramadan.

Each year they kill animals such as Cows, Rams, and Goats and goats during their festive celebrations. This has led to an increase in prices of these livestock during the Islamic festive seasons.

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Today we have gathered for you the various prices of Ram in 8 different West African countries; Ghana, Benin, Burkina Faso, Niger, Nigeria, Mali, Senegal, and Chad. All these figures are according to the records of news giant; BBC Pidgin News.

According to BBC Pidgin News, there are different types of Rams hence they have categorized them by size viz small, medium and big. The prices of Ram varies from one country to another.

Below Are The Prices For Rams During The Eid Season

In Benin, a small ram would go for a price of $43, medium ram for $278 and a big ram for $513.

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A small ram in Burkina Faso costs $85, a medium ram goes for $470 and a big ram for $855. If you cross the borders of Burkina Faso into Ghana, a small ram goes for a price of $67, a medium one for $278 and a big ram at a price of $668.

Chad is one of the countries where the cost ram is relatively low as compared to the other seven countries. In Chad, a small ram goes for $17, a medium ram for $60 and a big ram for $103. Mali is one of those countries that rears the more cattle than ram.


In Mali, a small ram costs $85, a medium ram goes for $470, and a big one for about $855. Niger is also one of the countries that were captured with a small ram going for $132, a medium ran for $215 and a big ram at $248.

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Nigeria is one of the largest countries in Africa with many nomades. Here are the prices of ram during the festive season; a small ram goes for $90, a medium ram at $172 and a big ram at $414.

That last country we are going to look at is Senegal. In Senegal, a small ram is sold for $137; much more expensive than a big ram in Chad. The medium ram goes for $1,778 whiles the big ram is sold at an amount of $3,419; undoubtedly the most expensive on the list.

Prices For Rams During The Eid Season

From the above prices, there is a clear indication that the prices of ram during this season is usually high. The cheapest ram can be bought in Chad whiles the same size of ram is very expensive in Senegal. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it is but there are many factors that influence the prices of rams in every country.

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