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SEE The Mammoth Crowd That Lined Up On The Street To Pay Their Last Respect To TB Joshua

Nigerian man of God, TB Joshua who sadly passed away some months ago has been laid to rest.

He was laid to rest today and a large group of people lined up on the streets to pay their last respect to him.

The video was shared on social media by the popular Nigerian media personality, Chief Dele Momodu on his verified social media handle on Instagram.

He shared the video with the caption;


Read some reactions below;

iamgloriaitsemeikhe – I really do not understand why other men of God in this land whom I respect did not identify with this man. I don’t think it’s a good example they all laid. ONLY GOD KNOWS THOSE THAT ARE TRULY HIS. Rest in Peace T.B JOSHUA.

lekkiikoyirealtor – Rest in peace sir .you were a great blessing to the world ; especially to the poor and sick . You will be remembered for the good you brought to the world . 🙌

official_bob123 – So none of our “big” Nigerian pastor attended this event…. Such a shame… Some people were literally waiting for something evil to happen just to confirm their foolishness… Rest in peace Sir

firstsonaboveallsons – How do you quantify doing well in life or in your chosen profession,even as PROPHET, PASTOR etc if you are doing well(gather crowd) by spiriitual robbery and scam ignoramusly bunkum nonsensical SPiRITUALY blind followers#Hear this how will people who are spiriitually blind know.?.Even in that crowd you are you have no LIGHT and UNBELEVABLE POWER and PEACE as CHRIST JESUS gives if you truly know CHRIST

So many PEOPLE are so called doing well because they have escaped poverty by evil spiriitual means either by self or by proxy and pretend because its hidden so how does doing well fall in line and get quantified in the prevailing circumstances

Hear this doing well also needs protection,which power are you usiing to protect your doing well ?because if you have no genuine POWER to protect doing well EVIL PEOPLE must ridicule you but dont forget you can be doing WELL in the physical and still bow down to a tomato seller SPIRITUALY at night where we know who is who, EVIL or GOOD,no pretence [email protected] .

I reveal things UNKNOWN before and after creation of the whole WORLD..I am NWAKAIBEYA GBURUGBURU FIRSTSONABOVEALLSONS who can challenge what I DECLARE TO THE whole WORLD?

We have comeagain the ancient justice kingdom of he that made SPIRITUAL laws unknowngly to all claiming to know God?If you see farway lands you already know me who talks POWERFULY about Real CHRIST JESUS kingdom,so is no use that you doubt me for whoever doubt me must perish it’s authority of justice GOD DEFINED..I have spoken, John 6,60 to 66
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smiles2rumiles – Nigeria Military useless like this

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