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She Says I Should Have Asked For Consent Before Kissing Her

She Says I Should Have Asked For Consent Before Kissing Her

Three months ago I met Alicia in a Whatsapp group I joined through a link. A week later, they did pairing and I got paired with Alicia. Our task was simple. We were supposed to meet each other, get acquainted so the two of us could attend the group’s main meetup that was happening in a month’s time. Everyone was supposed to post pictures of their meeting and update the group on how the meeting went.

The day we were supposed to meet, she pulled off. We couldn’t meet until one Friday afternoon we finally met at a place she chose. Immediately I saw her, I liked her. She was beautifully dressed and had the smile of a goddess. We sat for an hour before we started going into what we were supposed to do as a pair. She asked me, “So what’s your first impression when you saw me?” I said, “I found you beautiful and was enchanted by your smile.” She smiled again. I said, “Do it again” But this time she laughed out loud. I also asked the same question and she said, “You look like a gentleman. Like someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly. You were shy at first and I thought we wouldn’t have a great afternoon but you came out just fine.”

We took our photos, sent them to the group, sat together a while longer to respond to comments on the photos.  We laughed while responding to every comment on the posts. After, she asked me, “Where do you live?” I said, “Santa Maria.” She said, “That’s too far from where I live, I would have dropped you.” I walked her to her car and she drove off. 

I went home thinking about our meeting and how fun it was. My mind went into wild territories—territories where the two of us were dating and having a beautiful moment like we just had. I’d wanted to call her when I got home but I held on. She was busy chatting in the group all evening while I was lying there thinking about how the two of us could be something more than just a pair. 

Three days later, I sent her a message; “How are you?” I didn’t get a response until late at night when I was about to sleep that I saw her typing a response. She said, “Fine, and you?” I responded and even added emojis just to spice the response. I asked, “So when are we meeting again?” She said, “Are we supposed to meet again?” I said, “I’m not talking about the group thing. This time around, I’m the one asking us to meet. I mean, just to hang out and have the same kind of fun we had the last time.” She said, “Choose a place and time and let me know. I will be there.”

So we met again at the same place we met the first time. Again she was very gorgeous. She looked like a girl who had a lot of beautiful things going on in her life. We talked about life. We talked about work. We talked about future dreams and we talked about just anything that came to our minds. We had a lot of things in common. She loved movies and I also loved movies. She was watching a series I’ve watched before so we talked about it. I told her I had all the episodes. She said she would love to have them. I told her, “No problem at all. Just tell me where I should meet you and I’ll come carrying my hard disk.”

We met again three days later in her house. It took a while to copy all the movies on my drive for her so while the files were being transferred, we used the time available to us to discuss other things. I saw a photo of her and a guy on her wall. I asked, “Is that your boyfriend?” She said, “Naaa that’s my junior brother. How can this little guy be my boyfriend?” I said, “He looks like a young man in the photo.” She said, “He’s a brother. I don’t have a boyfriend.”

I smiled in my head. I thanked the gods that made it possible for me to meet a beautiful single girl like her. I asked her that classical question guys usually ask when a lady tells them she doesn’t have a boyfriend. “A beautiful girl like you don’t have a boyfriend?” She said, “Why are people surprised when I tell them that I don’t have a boyfriend? Should every woman have a boyfriend?” I said, “Far from that but you know guys go after women like you that’s why I��m surprised.” She said, “Well, they come but I haven’t met the one I want.”

“Watch me. I would be the one you want.” I said in my head. 

The group meetup happened and the two of us went together. She didn’t come with a car because her mother was using it. We got an Uber. It was a beautiful and fun-filled gathering. It was around 9pm when she said she wanted to go home. I opted to go with her. We picked a taxi, took her to her house before the taxi took me home. That same night, I proposed and she said, “Give me some time to think about it. I don’t know you that much.” I agreed. I said, “A few weeks ago we were strangers. Amazing how far we’d come.” She said, ”We were not even strangers. We didn’t exist to each other until we were paired.”

Two weeks later, she hadn’t said anything about my proposal so I asked her again. “How far?” She said, “I’m on it. Eventually, I may say yes but I wish I won’t say yes as long as I can, so I can get you to behave the same way you’re behaving towards me for a very long time.” I asked, “You’re scared that I will change? No, I won’t. I will be the same guy I’ve always been.” She said, “You guys, you’re all the same. Anyway, I’m still thinking about it.”

She invited me over to her place one afternoon and I thought it was the day she was going to say yes to me. All afternoon, we laughed and talked about silly things. At some point, she sat next to me and I was overcome by emotions so I kissed her. It lasted for only a few seconds and she pulled away. She asked, “Why would you do that?” I told her, “Because I love you.” She was quiet for a while. She said, “You shouldn’t have done that.” I apologized. She said, “Alright.”

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All was fine between us until two days later she sent me a message; “I still don’t understand why you’ll kiss someone without asking for permission. Is that your way of doing things?” I called her. “Alicia, I thought we are done talking about this.” She said, “No we are not done because I still can’t get it. Why would you kiss a girl without asking permission first? It’s not right. It’s an assault and I can sue for that?”

“Eiii, suing all come inside?”

She said, “That’s so not right and I haven’t stopped thinking about it since then. I get traumatized any time I think about it that’s why I can’t stop talking about it.” I apologized again. I asked, “What can I do to let you know that I’m deeply sorry?” She cut the line. I called again she didn’t pick. The next minute I saw her post in the group. She said, “Girls here have to be careful. There are some guys here who go about doing things to women without their consent. Be careful about them.” The way she said it, everyone knew she was talking about me. A lot of people called to ask what the issue was. I didn’t have much to tell them.

Some days ago, she called. She said, “I still can’t understand what you did ooo. You thought I was some cheap girl you can just go about kissing and stuff?” I said, “Alicia, do your worse I don’t care. And don’t call my line again or else I will say things you wouldn’t like.” She said, “Wait and see. You’ll see what I’ll do to you.” 

She hasn’t called in a week and that makes me wonder what she’s planning against me. Can I be arrested because of a kiss that lasted for a few seconds? I haven’t done it before but do guys ask for permission before they kiss a girl? The whole thing is giving me worries. What should I do to make her know I’ve regretted my action and I meant no malice with that kiss?  


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