Download Best Friends In The World Term 3 Episode 18

Download Best Friends In The World Term 3 Episode 18 | Neptune3 Studios has finally released another episode of the most-watched educational web series. This is undoubtedly one of the best Nigerian Youth Web Series which is written by Jesimeil Damina and directed by Jemima Damina. They actually call themselves “Triple J” since they are three sisters working hard towards achieving a common goal.

In the previous episode, Olive, Esther, and Adam met at a weekend party and Esther was already dying to see her crush, Romeo. Archilles, the guy who complimented her earlier at school invites her for a drink. Esther accepted to chat with him even though she was frank with him about her preference. She said she cared for a chat while waiting for her “someone”.

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Download Best Friends In The World TERM 3 Episode 18 SPOILER: 
– Esther and Achilles got on so well that they forget they went for a weekend party and by the time they had realized, everyone was not around.
– Romeo was involved in a fight with some thugs because of drugs and was rushed to the hospital
– Romeo overhead Victory’s mother and Victory talking on top of their voices exchanging word but he didn’t know them.
– New students arrive in Olive’s school looking all fly and everyone would like to be their friend. They look like they were dropped from the skies.
– Archilles is warned by “Stinking boy” to stay away from his woman. (referring to Esther)

Grace still feels worried for not being able to reach Victoria for days.
– Victory’s mother shows up in the school and talks about withdrawing her daughter from the school with the Vice Principal.
– Olive and her group including Grace spots Victory’s mother leaving the principal’s office and removing her wig.
– Adam, Olive, Esther, and Romeo tries to find out the people distributing drugs in their school.

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