Shatta Bundle Features In PSquare’s Rudeboy New Music Video

Shatta Bundle Featured In PSquare’s Rudeboy New Music Video | It has been closed to a month or more since the emergence of Shatta Bundle, the Ghanaian Internet Sensation, the “Young young rich Nìgga”. He has won the hearts of many and keeps them entertained. He has soon amassed fans from all over the world.

Shatta Bundle appeared in the news recently and was said to have arrived in Nigeria even though some Nigerians have warned him not to step his foot in their country for saying he was richer than their countryman, Aliko Dangote. Few days after news about his arrival in Nigeria broke we saw a video of Shatta Bundle hanging out with one of Nigeria’s top musician and half of the defunct PSquare group, Rudebwoy.

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Today, Rudebwoy has posted a short video on his Instagram handle. Guess who Rudeboy’ new music video features? Yours truly, Shatta Bundle! Rudebwoy posted it with a caption stating that if that particular post is able to accrue comments of 100,000, he would be releasing the full video for everyone to enjoy.

Shatta Bundle Featured In PSquare’s Rudeboy New Music Video

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Shatta Bundle’s feature in this music video is definitely going to make it exceptional. It will also affect the views it will accrue over time even though Rudeboy is already a big musician. Even though many people do not believe ShattaBundle is worth all the luxury and money he has been bragging about, they enjoy seeing him brag. He has since become a motivator to many out there.

The fame of Shatta Bundle increases daily as he comes out to talk about new things about himself each day. Do you believe in his bragging? Do you have any doubts about what and who he says he is? Do you also believe someone is sponsoring him from behind? It has been a topic of debate for many out there and we would like to know what you think about these questions too.

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