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[+Video] S£x tape of Amasaman SHS Year 1 Girl L£aks | This year there has been a lot of S£x tapes released, most of which were mistakenly and other deliberately. There is this new video circulating on social media of a girl who is only identified as a first-year student of one of the senior high school in Pokuase.

Information reaching us from a very close source has indicated to us the girl in the video which is fast circulating the internet is a first-year student of Amasaman Senior High School.

In this atopa video, you will see the Amasaman Shs girl and her boyfriend chopping love whiles they allow a third person to record their adventure. It was just like the were acting a new scene for a “gborbor” film.

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Watching the video, you would hear the person who is in charge of recording their bout talking and directing them on styles to try just like any video director out there will do on set.

Would you love to watch this video? It is obvious they actually agreed to record what was meant to be their private business. It is now in the public domain and we know they would not care or might be feeling remorseful for recording such an act.

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