Peruzzi Lyrics


Peruzzi – Nana Lyrics | Peruzzi released a brand new single titled “Nana” and we bring to you the full lyrics of Peruzzi – Nana. See the lyrics below and use it to your advantage. We recommend that you play the music whiles going through the lyrics below. Kindly notify us if you have any corrections to make about Peruzzi – Nana Lyrics Lyrics of Peruzzi – Nana [Intro]Lussh! AyiiiNana… na na naPurri Bang bangNana… na na na [Pre-chorus] You and I on the hotlineMy number one baby My rhythm and bluesI can’t deny maka that’s rightUnderstand baby no one but you (no one but you )Oh wooh oh SEE ALSO: Download Strongman – Nana Ama Video. [Chorus] Nana, na na naStrike a pose it’s a perfect picNana na na naNothing feels better than when I dey with youNana, na na naOh! baby booNa na na na naNothing feels better than when…

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