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Sarkodie released this track in 2015 to address matters arising in Ghana as he has always done when he feels our leaders are taking us for granted. It was titled “Masses. TBT: Download Sarkodie – Masses This track was officially released on 7th May 2015, exactly 4 years ago and it still fits into the current situation of the nation. In this song, the addresses the horrifying state of hardship in the country. He points out how hypocrisy is killing Ghanaian youths. SEE ALSO: Watch YOLO Season 5 All Episodes The King of African rap also made an emphasis that most of the when individuals like him want to address the issue of concern, the media is would say you should relax. He advised the youth to open their eyes and vote wisely. He questions about the security of the citizens and the state of their standard of living. He…

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