Shatta Wale Lashes Teacher Kwadwo Verbally About VGMA Wahala

In a recent video released by Teacher Kwadwo show an interrogation by the philanthropist and comedian to the leader of the Shatta Movement – Shatta Wale about the incident which occurred at the just ended Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 2019 between him and his archrival Stonebwoy. – Shatta Wale Lashes Teacher Kwadwo Verbally About VGMA Wahala

Teacher Kwadwo have received the most unexpected replies in his life as he had chosen to be inquisitive and interrogative about issues that has nothing or little to do with him.

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At the beginning of the video, Shatta Wale did want to talk to Teacher Kwadwo at all but as cunny as the comedian is he tried his best to get him talking (and I bet he’d be regretting he did). Shatta Wale shouldn’t be blamed for badmouthing the short skits comedian and teacher since he got what he wanted.

You should watch this funny comedian too. It’s nothing serious, it’s just one of those videos to release stress and not an actual event that happened between the (Teacher Kwadwo & Shatta Wale). Check out and watch the full video: Shatta Wale Verbally Battles Teacher Kwadwo About The VGMA Saga below.

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Shatta Wale Lashes Teacher Kwadwo Verbally About VGMA Wahala

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Disclaimer: This is a comedy skit that was created by a Ghanaian comedian popularly known as Teacher Kwadwo who is a teacher by profession, a philanthropist by heart and a comedian by passion. His videos are to kill stress but if you take them personally then I think stress is going to deal with you… Lol