It is everyone’s desire to have as white Teeths as animated Disney cartoons however this is not the case because most of us have yellow. Teeths which are as a result of poor brushing methods and excess intake of chocolate and biscuits which have discolored our Teeths.


If you have been looking for the best method to whiten your Teeths in three minutes then worry not because Celebritiesbuzzgh has the best recommendations as always.

The key to making your Teeths as white as snow is always with you but you have never noticed because you have never imagined it could be used in whitening teeths besides from baking cakes and other pastry.

You already know what Iam taking about, baking powder is the best ingredient you will need as you whitten your teethsTake two spoonful of the powder and add in aglass then add a full piece of concentrated lemon to the powder.

Take your toothbrush and apply the mixture together with your toothpaste, brush for two minutes and rinse then observe your Teeths in a mirror, do this for one week and you will have as white Teeths as you have always wanted.
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