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The Excitement In Naming My Second Born After My BOSS, Gustav

After three and half years since my firstborn, TIKA aka Tee came to this beautiful world her junior brother has also announced his presence. 

When my wife told me she has conceived, at first I was like we planned on giving birth in 2025 but you know what and as the saying always goes ‘’God’s Ways Are Different’’ not knowing I was going to be blessed to have a bouncing baby BOY!

Though the excitement of having a boy was not my prayers but the fact that I could literally name him after my Boss (Gustav) made the journey of me wanting to have a boy a memorable one. 

I know by now people are asking why name your baby after your BOSS and not any family member or myself. My answer is simple, Gustav is MY LIFE.

Also, go listen to Lumba’s Yenewosrekwa song which has a line that says 

‘’Maame Yɛndɔ firi Atonsu Bodease, 

Sekyere ba Yɛndɔ wo na meregu wo nsa eii,

Na )Y3 Maame adamfo paa,

Maame manyini ama wo din ayɛ dɛ ooh

Ma ɛnyɛ wiase nwanwa sɛ 

Mɛto wo abadin na wonyɛ obusuani ooh’’

which literally means the world shouldn’t be surprised if I name my baby after you though you are not family. I always say family is not always in the form of blood but loyalty. 

I met this gentleman through Kofi Cephas 7 years ago and if this gentleman has helped me to be able to pay my bills, put food on the table, foot my children’s bills among others which for some private reasons won’t mention, then the least I could do is to name my baby after him. 

I know where ever he finds himself now probably he will be in tears and feeling thankful that at least I appreciate him for his countless support towards our 7 years journey. Guys, I wish I can put his number here so every single individual reading this post could call him and say Thank you, Gustav

And to my new baby, I say you will be great, and your godfather Gustav’s effect will manifest into your life.

Ladies and gentlemen let’s help me welcome Gustav Zion Nana Agyapong Jnr!!

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