Many people usually do not believe in the existence of spiritual powers until it happens to them. This is no extraordinary case. The African traditional super powers has manifested itself just again.

Pandemonium rocked Edo State earlier today, April 28, as a man surrendered himself to the police after the bag of beans he stole refused to leave his head.


It was revealed that the man confessed to stealing the bag of beans to the Police. The men of the police command has been trying to remove the bag of beans from his head since morning.

For those of you that don’t believe in voodoo, look closely at the last picture where the policemen surround him, all efforts to remove the bag of beans from his head has proved abortive.
Thief Standing With Sack of Beans Stuck to His Neck
Thief Sitting Down With Sack of Beans!
Group of Police Officers tried to take off the suck but to no avail!
Anniye Temisola

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