There more than millions if not billions of movies out there and more are been produced and released on a daily basis. This means that many actors have appeared more in more than one movie. Today we going to see the Movies that have the highest number of Famous Actors (an “All-Star Cast”). Below is a list of the top 10 and they included:

“Avengers: Infinity War” (2018)

This is one of the movies that got the media’s attention. There are more than 13-top-stars in this movie and they include: Robert Downey Jr., Chris Pratt, Chadwick Boseman, Peter Dinklage, Idris Elba, Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Anthony Mackie, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, Zoe Saldana, etc.

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“The Departed” (2006)

In 2016, Alec Buono directed this amazing movie which featured some of the top-stars in the movie industry. In this particular movie, the stars that featured include: Matt Damon, Leonardo DiCaprio, Anthony Anderson, Alec Baldwin, Vera Farmiga, Jack Nicholson, Martin Sheen, etc.

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“Love Actually” (2003)

Another movie that saw a lot of stars in it was the “Love Actually” movie, which was released in 2003. Love Actually featured movie stars like: Liam Neeson, Rowan Atkinson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Colin Firth, Hugh Grant, Keira Knightley, Laura Linney, Billy Bob Thornton, etc.

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“Catch Me If You Can” (2002)

Stars: Leonardo DiCaprio (as Frank Abagnale), Amy Adams, Tom Hanks, Martin Sheen, Christopher Walken, etc.


“The Hours” (2002)

Stars: Nicole Kidman (as Virginia Woolf), Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore, Claire Danes, Jeff Daniels, Ed Harris, Allison Janney, Margo Martindale, John C. Reilly, etc.

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“Ocean’s Eleven” (2001)

Stars: George Clooney, Brad Pitt, Matt Damon, Carl Reiner, Don Cheadle, Casey Affleck, Scott Caan, Elliott Gould, Topher Grace, Bernie Mac, Julia Roberts, etc.

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“Ocean’s 8” (2018)

Stars: Sandra Bullock, Cate Blanchett, Helena Bonham Carter, Anne Hathaway, Mindy Kaling, Sarah Paulson, Awkwafina, Rihanna, etc.

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“Saving Private Ryan” (1998)

Stars: Tom Hanks, Ted Danson, Vin Diesel, Nathan Fillion, Paul Giamatti, Barry Pepper, Giovanni Ribisi, etc.


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“Boogie Nights” (1997)

Stars: Mark Wahlberg, Don Cheadle, Heather Graham, William H. Macy, Alfred Molina, Burt Reynolds, Philip Seymour Hoffman, etc.

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“Pulp Fiction” (1994)

Stars: John Travolta, Samuel L. Jackson, Quentin Tarantino, Uma Thurman, Rosanna Arquette, Ving Rhames, Bruce Willis, etc.

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“JFK” (1991)

Stars: Martin Sheen (narrator), Ed Asner, Kevin Bacon, John Candy, Kevin Costner, Vincent D’Onofrio, Tommy Lee Jones, Jack Lemmon, Laurie Metcalf, Gary Oldman, Sissy Spacek, Donald Sutherland, etc.

“Murder on the Orient Express” (1974)

Stars: Albert Finney, Lauren Bacall, Martin Balsam, Ingrid Bergman, Jacqueline Bisset, Sean Connery, John Gielgud, Wendy Hiller, Anthony Perkins, Vanessa Redgrave, Michael York, etc.

“The Godfather” (1972)

Stars: Marlon Brando (The Godfather), Al Pacino (Michael Corleone), Diane Keaton, James Caan, Robert Duvall, etc.

“The Greatest Story Ever Told” (1965)

Stars: John Wayne, Pat Boone, Jamie Farr, Charlton Heston, Martin Landau, Angela Lansbury, Roddy McDowall, Sal Mineo, Sidney Poitier, Claude Rains, Max Von Sydow, etc.

“The Women” (1939)

Actresses: Joan Crawford, Joan Fontaine, Paulette Goddard, Virginia Grey, Marjorie Main, Rosalind Russell, Norma Shearer, Lucile Watson, etc.

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