It is important to give your body the necessary foods rich in vitamins and anti oxidant in other to build your muscles. The muscle of the butt is know as the gluteus muscle. The following are foods that help boost the gluteus muscle.

1. Brown rice :

Brown rice provides the perfect balance of complex carbs and protein, it is also high in branched chain amino acids which are broken down directly into your muscle for a quick source of energy. It also contains body building protein, for best results, it should be combined with other protein sources.


For your information, egg yolk, directly contain follistatin (the enzymes that induces muscle growth). Eggs also contains Lucine which is an essential amino acid that will help crank up your muscle building.

3. Tofu:

Tofu is produced from soy beans, it provides a good amount of manganese, calcium, selenium and phosphorus. This soy product can be very beneficial in increasing your butt size. In fact, it is known to significantly increase muscle size even in people with low physical activity.

4. Greek yoghurt:

It contains a good amount of calcium, vitamin B12, phosphorus and riboflavin. compare to regular yoghurt, it contains almost twice the amount of protein. it improves muscle thickness, strength and body composition.

5.Coco powder/milk:

This food help to naturally boast follistatin levels in the body. Drinking milk after working out help to increase your body’s efficiency by using amino acids for protein synthesis. This is


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