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Two Suspected Ritualists Who Possess “Fetish Items” Cause Accident By Driving Against Traffic

Two men have been accused of being ritualists after they were involved in an accident that occurred on an expressway.

These two men were accused of being ritualists after fetish items were discovered in their car. According to reports, these men were said to have driven against traffic thereby causing a gruesome accident at Okpanam Junction, Asaba, Delta State. Thankfully, there were no lives lost after the car they crashed with flamed up.

Locals discovered fetish things in the car of the men who used the one-way, which they claimed made the car smell like there was a corpse inside.

Handcuffs were placed on the guys. Following the collision, one of them was dressed in white and had blood spots on his white robe.

Locals suspected the men of taking the one-way because they didn’t want their car to be checked and the items they were bringing to be found.

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jovitosang wrote; Im still trying hard to understand what the commentator is saying, “He carry dead body inside”. But we can’t see no dead body. It is bad enough that they caused an accident. But since there was no death, they should only hold them accountable on how to replace the burnt car. Calling them “RITUALIST” Because they found some items in the car is way off. Not every one is a Christian. Would they have done this if they found a Bible or Koran in the car. Allow people people practice the religion they believe without tagging them “RITUALISTS”. So long no human part was found with them. I’m totally against this.

nma__joy wrote: Why are they being harassed for carrying fetish items? Traditional worship is one of the major religion in Nigeria. They didn’t harm anyone with it so what’s this nonsense?

omeizacoolj wrote: But is it wrong to carry juju in Nigeria? Can we face the actual crime which is driving against traffic that result to lost of property and forget about their belongings… most of those shouting hv appointments with babalawo

drxpensive wrote; Is it wrong to carry fetish items?? As long as they’re not human killers. Face the actual crime of driving against traffic and thereby causing accident

Source; Ghgossip.com

Source: CelebritiesbuzzGh | Two Suspected Ritualists Who Possess “Fetish Items” Cause Accident By Driving Against Traffic